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Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography
Edited by Gonzalo Cané

The Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography includes Irish migrants to Latin America and their descendents from the sixteenth century up to modern times. Inclusion is restricted to persons who are not currently living. Entries include the person’s full name, date and place of birth and death, career, genealogical information, major life events, contributions, works and references. It is intended to become the premier resource of its kind, and is of interest to both historians and a general audience.

The Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography is edited by Gonzalo Cané, with contributions by Fabián G. Bustamante Olguín, Carlos Caillabet, Gonzalo Cané, Lawrence A. Clayton, Jerry W. Cooney, Ryan D. Crewe, Bernie Dwyer, Claire Healy, Edmundo Murray, Moisés Enrique Rodríguez, Héctor Raúl Terrén, Brian Vale and José Bernardo Wallace. 

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Armstrong, Thomas Saint George (1797-1875), banker and railway promoter  
Banks, Mateo (1872-1949), Argentine family murderer  
Bannin, Joseph (1851-1915), Roman Catholic priest and teacher 
Baxter, José Luis [Joe] (1940-1973), activist and revolutionary
Black, John (d. 1900), Roman Catholic priest and Irish chaplain 
Blest, Clotario (1899-1990), Catholic labour leader in Chile
Boyd, Julius [bap. John] (1870-1937), Roman Catholic priest
Boyle [née Jones], Kathleen [Catalina] (1869-1941), headmistress and educationist
Brown, Alberto W. (d. 1931), landowner and breeder of Aberdeen Angus cattle
Brown, William (1777-1857), naval officer and founder of the Argentine navy
Bulfin, Eamon (1892-1968), Irish republican and diplomatist
Campbell, Peter (1780-c1832), naval officer and founder of the Uruguayan navy
Campion, Robert (1837-1915), pork farmer
Carmody, Bartolomé (1877-1961), landowner and sheep-farmer
Casey, Eduardo (1847-1906), businessman and land entrepreneur
Cavanagh, Edward (1834-1917), landowner and sheep-farmer
Coghlan, Eduardo Aquilio (1912-1997), judge and genealogist
Cooke, John William [Juan Guillermo] (1920-1968), politician and ideologist of the Peronist movement
Cotter, William, Irish officer in Dom Pedro's army of imperial Brazil
Creaghe, John [Juan] (1841-1920), physician and anarchist
Culleton [née Carmody], Elena Cecilia [Sheila] (d. 2002), teacher
Cunningham, John (b. 1824), landowner and founder of Azcuénaga town
Cunningham, Patricio (1861-1947), landowner
De Courcy Ireland, John (1911-2006), maritime historian
Devereux, John (1778-1860), army officer and recruiter for the Irish Legion in Simón Bolívar's army
Dillon, Agustín Pablo Antonio (1846-c.1918), public official and freemason
Dillon, Jorge Patricio (1953-c.1977), student activist and social worker in Argentina
Dillon, Juan (1819-1887), businessman and public official
Dillon, Patrick Joseph (1842-1889), Roman Catholic priest, editor and politician
Dolan, Luis C.P. (1921-2000), Roman Catholic priest and advocate of ecumenism
Dolan, Mario Alberto (1918-2002), physician and founder of the Irish-Argentine Society of New York
Dowling, Carlos Tomás (1916-1995), theatrical designer
Doyle, Eduardo (1873-1948), physician
Duggan, Alfred Leo [bap. Alfredo] (1903-1964), novelist
English, James Towers (1782-1819), commander of the British Legion in the South American wars of independence
Fahy [Fahey], Anthony Dominic (1805-1871), Dominican priest and missionary
Farrell, Edelmiro Julián (1887-1980), army officer and president of the Argentine Republic
Ferguson, William Owens (1800-1828), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence
Fitzpatrick, Evangelist (1822-1885), Roman Catholic nun and missionary
Fitzsimons, Patrick (1802-1872), headmaster and educationist
Gannon, [James] Peter [Pedro] (1874-c.1940), Roman Catholic priest and golf course architect
Garrahan, Juan Pedro (1893-1968), physician and paediatrician
Gaughren, Matthew (1843-1914), Roman Catholic priest and bishop in South Africa
Gaynor, James (c.1802-1892), landowner
Godínez, Miguel [formerly Michael Wadding] (1591-1644), Jesuit missionary to New Spain
Gore, Robert (1810-1854), naval officer and diplomatist
Grace, William Russell (1832-1904), merchant
Grehan, John (1888-1966), teacher of English language
Guevara, Ernesto [Che] (1928-1967), physician and revolutionary
Ham, Elena María (1865-1939), benefactor
Hardy, Richard (1844-1891), sugar mill industrialist
Hayden, Bartholomew (1792-1857), navy officer in Brazil
Healy, José Santiago (1895-1968), media entrepreneur in Mexico
Heavy, Patricio (b.1885), landowner
Hutchinson, Thomas Joseph (c.1802-1885), diplomat, physician and travel writer
Johnston, John (d.1832), Irish soldier in the South American wars of independence
Kehoe, Gloria (1954-1977), short-story writer
Kelly, Juan [Jack] (d.1944), politician
Kennedy, Ricardo Clodomiro (d.1938), politician
Kenny, Tomás Brendan (1883-1940), physician and surgeon
Lalor, John (1860-1931), landowner and livestock dealer
Lambert, Eric (1909-1996), historian and intelligence officer
Lamport, William [Guillén Lombardo] (1610-1659), self-proclaimed ‘King of New Spain’
Leigh, Henry Hilton (d. 1910), landowner and pioneer cotton planter in Peru
Lennon, Edward (1819-1890), landowner
Lynch, Benito Antonio (1791-1865), army officer
Lynch, Benito Edgardo (bap. 1882-1951), novelist
Lynch, Estanislao José Antonio (b.1793), army officer
Lynch, Eliza (1835-1886), courtesan and unofficial first lady of Paraguay
Lynch, Julián Pedro (1815-1859), landowner and judge
Lynch, Leopoldo (1871-1924), historian and journalist
Lynch, Patricio (1825-1886), naval and military officer
Mackenna, John [Juan] (1771-1814), general in the Chilean war of independence
MacLoughlin [McLoughlin], Eduardo Francisco (1918-1983), air force officer and public official
Maguire, Eduardo Pedro (1865-1929), landowner
McCarthy, Patrick [Paddy] (1871-1963), footballer and boxer in Argentina
McCarthy, Patricio (1897-1940), merchant seaman
McManus, Patrick [Padraig] (1864-1929), republican activist and journalist
McPartland, Cecilia, mother of Cuban Independence hero, Julio Antonio Mella
Mooney, Guillermo [el gaucho inglés] (1858-1928), landowner and politician
Morgan, Eduardo Carlos (1891-1975), landowner and agricultural improver
Morgan, Daniel (1856-1928), landowner and politician
Morgan [née Mooney], Margarita (1839-1923), benefactor
Mulhall, Michael George (1836-1900), journalist and statistician
Murphy, John James [formerly John] (1822-1909), landowner and sheep-farmer
Murray, Edmundo Guillermo (1903-1979), physician and gynaecologist
Murray, Luis Alberto (1923-2002), journalist, historian and poet
Murray, Thomas (b.1871), historian
Murtagh, Juan Jorge (1900-2000), physician and neonatologist
O'Brien, John Thomond (1786-1861), army officer and entrepreneur
O'Connor, Eduardo (1858-1921), naval officer and explorer of the lake Nahuel Huapi
O'Connor, Francisco Burdett [Frank] (1791-1871), officer in the Irish Legion of Simón Bolívar's army
O'Farrell, Juan Adrián (1866-1942), landowner and politician
O'Farrill, Rómulo Antonio [Jr.] (1917-2006), media entrepreneur
O'Gorman, Camila (1828-1848), figure of scandal
O'Gorman, Edmundo (1906-1995), historian
O'Gorman, Juan (1905-1982), Mexican architect and artist
O'Gorman, Thomas (c.1760-?), merchant in Spain and South America
O'Horan, Tomás Antonio (1776-1848), public official in Mexico and Guatemala
O'Higgins, Ambrose [Ambrosio] (c. 1721-1801), captain-general of Chile and viceroy of Peru
O'Higgins, Pablo (1904-1983), artist and arts teacher in Mexico
O'Leary, Daniel Florence (c.1802-1854), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence
O'Leary, Juan Emiliano (1879-1969), poet and historian
O'Neill, Alexandre (1924-1986), poet
O'Neill, Eduardo Miguel (1947-1977), physician and political activist
O'Neill, Fernando (1924-2005), revolutionary and historian of anarchism in Uruguay
O'Roarke, Julián [formerly Huberto] (1852-1913), landowner and politician
Oughan [Oughagan], John (b.1782?), physician and military surgeon
Payne, William Smith [Guillermo] (1870-1924), missionary in Argentina and Bolivia
Rooke, James (1770-1819), commander of the British Legion in Bolívar's army  
Sandes, Arthur (1793-1832), commander of the Rifles Battalion in the wars of independence
Scully, Brígida (1883-1970), landowner and benefactor
Scully, Lucas (1850-1907), landowner and public official
Scully, William (d. 1885), journalist and businessman in Brazil
Sheridan, Peter (1792-1844), sheep breeder and wool merchant
Shine, Santiago (1862-1934), milk retailer
Tormey, Eduardo (1848-1912), landowner and politician
Vicuña Mackenna, Benjamín (1831-1886), Chilean writer, journalist and historian
Walsh, Rodolfo Jorge (1927-1977), journalist and novelist
Wright, Thomas (1799-1868), officer in Bolívar's army and founder of the Ecuadorian naval school

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