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Cunningham, Patricio (1861-1947), landowner, was born on 4 April 1861, the third son of Patrick Cunningham (b. 1831) and Enriqueta Kenny (1838-1911). Patricio Cunningham owned estancias La Esmeralda in Carmen de Areco (2,054 hectares), La Soledad in Bartolomé Mitre (473 hectares), and Siete Arboles in General López, Santa Fe (2,699 hectares). Cunningham married Margarita (ca.1870-1916), daughter of Edward Cavanagh and Margarita Gaynor. Patricio Cunningham on 7 March 1947 at the family house of 420 calle Victoria of Buenos Aires. After his death, a plaque was placed by the Irish Catholic Association in the entrance hall of St. Brigid's School, to commemorate his memory as a benefactor of the Irish-Argentine community.

When Patricio Cunningham made his will two years before his death, he mandated the sale of his properties, and the following heirs. Juan McCormack, foreman in La Esmeralda during thirty years ($50,000), Miguel J. Killian, foreman in Puesto de Gómez, which was Cunningham's maternal estancia ($30,000), Juan J. Larheim, who worked in La Esmeralda ($20,000), Santiago Farrell, foreman in Siete Arboles ($50,000), and Juan J. Dillon, cook in La Esmeralda ($20,000). Patricio Cunningham also assigned $20,000 to the celebration of funeral services for his parents, brothers and for himself. All debts from his sister María Cunningham (1865-1929) to Juan Lalor were honoured. Finally, the will also provided for the following donations: British Hospital ($20,000), Sisters of Mercy's school ($20,000), Sisters of Mercy's Ladies Home ($20,000), Fahy Farm Institute ($20,000), Passionist Fathers ($30,000 for the Holy Cross church), and the remainder for his sister Honoria Cunningham [sister Maria Cecilia] (1859-1945), of the Sisters of Mercy. The average sale-off price per hectare in estancia Siete Arboles's was $533.33. This will was written at least two years before his death, since his sister passed away in 1945. 

Gonzalo Cané


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