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Grehan, John (1888-1966), teacher of English language, was born on 12 August 1888 in Galway. Grehan graduated at the University of Ireland and arrived in Buenos Aires in 1908. He taught English in Mercedes until 1919, when he relocated to Buenos Aires. He was elected to first chair of the Argentine Federation of Irish Associations. On 15 January 1915, John Grehan married Maria Margarita (1892-1916), daughter of John Horan (1860-1938) and Mary Devoy (b.1865). The had six children. John Grehan died on 7 November 1966 in Mercedes. John Grehan's grandson Pedro Grehan (1964-2001), financial specialist married Victoria Blacksley and had three children. Pedro Grehan died on 11 September 2001 in the terrorist attack to the World Trade Center of New York. 

Gonzalo Cané


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