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Boyd, Julius [bap. John] (1870-1937), Roman Catholic priest, was born on 22 June 1870 in Co. Roscommon, the son of William Boyd and Mary McLoughlin. Julius Boyd emigrated to the United States and professed in the Congregation of the Passion (C.P.), West Hoboken, New Jersey. Fr. Boyd was ordained on 8 December 1898 by cardinal Gibbons in Baltimore. He served as a preacher in St. Paul of the Cross Province, Holy Cross Province, and St. Joseph Province. Boyd lived in Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; Union City, New Jersey; and Scranton, Pennsylvania, and served as a chaplain at St. Agnes Hospital, Baltimore. In 1899-1909 Fr. Boyd worked with the Irish Catholics in the Anglo-Hibernian province in Argentina, where he returned on 5 November 1932. On 11 May 1935 he left again and spent his last years as a member of the Jamaica, New York monastery community. Fr. Boyd died on 17 January 1937.

Gonzalo Cané


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