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Scully, Lucas (1850-1907), landowner and public official, was born in Capilla del Señor, the eldest son of James Scully (b.1814) and his wife, Bridget Kearney (1819-1877) of Co. Westmeath.

Lucas Scully owned land in Solís, district of San Andrés de Giles. Scully was a member of the Radical Civil Union. He was military commander and member of the municipal government at San Andrés de Giles. In 1885, Scully was appointed president of the Municipal Commission. In Solís, an avenue was named after him. 

Lucas Scully married Catalina (d.1898), daughter of Edward Culligan (1831-1902) and Kathleen Kennedy (1848-1912). They had two daughters and one son.

Gonzalo Cané


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