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Dolan, Luis C.P. (1921-2000), Roman Catholic priest and advocate of ecumenism, was born on 11 March 1921 in San Isidro, Buenos Aires, the eldest son of Juan José Dolan (1887-1970) of Capilla del Señor, and María Julia Kehoe (1888-1969) of San Pedro. His second and third brothers Guillermo (1927-1974) and Heriberto (b.1923) were also Catholic priests, and his fourth brother, Dr. Mario A. Dolan (1918-2002) was the founder of the Irish-Argentine Society of New York.  

Luis Dolan studied at Belgrano Day School of Buenos Aires, and then joined the seminary of the Passionist Fathers. In 1945, Fr. Dolan received the holy orders in the Luján basilica, and graduated from Fordham University of New York. Dolan developed his missionary activity among villages and estancias of Argentina. In 1962-1975, together with Fr. Lombardi, Luis Dolan was a founding member of For a Better World organisation, of which he established branches in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. In 1976-1977, Fr. Dolan worked with Temple of Understanding inter-religion organisation, and was appointed its delegate before the United Nations. In this capacity, from 1976, Dolan was consultant of the organisation in international conferences. He had a special concern about the worldwide situation, and was a passionate advocate of the environment. Luis Dolan struggled to achieve the understanding among human beings, without restriction to gender, faith, or ideology. He died on 15 October 2000 in New York.

Gonzalo Cané


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