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Morgan, Eduardo Carlos (1891-1975), landowner and agricultural improver, was born in Colón, the eighth child of Eduardo Francisco Morgan (1854-1917) and his wife, María Gertrudis, née Cunningham (1858-1927). Eduardo Francisco Morgan served as major of Colón several terms between 1893 and 1906. Eduardo F. Morgan's brother Daniel Morgan (1856-1928) was the city major at San Andrés de Giles in 1893-1897 and 1903-1904.

In 1881 Eduardo Carlos Morgan established a new farm in Colón. In 1910, through his interest in improving the quality of crops, Morgan created a seed company, and in 1925 he imported machinery to classify seeds. Genetic research was conducted and new varieties of maize and wheat hybrids were obtained, being one of the first hybrid products launched in Argentina in 1950. 

As a benefactor Morgan commissioned the building of Colón's parish church, the municipal edifice and a hospital. He was major of Colón in 1922-1924 and in 1952, and a member of the Radical Civil Union.

Eduardo Carlos Morgan died on 26 June 1975 in Buenos Aires, and was buried in Recoleta cemetery.

Gonzalo Cané


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