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O'Roarke, Julián [formerly Huberto] (1852-1913), landowner and politician, was born at estancia Los Amigos in Baradero, the eldest son of Michael O’Roarke (1822-1867) and his wife Mary, née Maguire (1819-1890). 

In 1881 Julián O'Roarke was appointed proxy and later president of the municipal council, serving a second term in 1883. O'Roarke was elected major of Baradero in 1890, 1894, 1904, 1905, and 1910. In 1901, he was the president of the city council, and in 1902 was MP at the Buenos Aires parliament. O'Roarke was a founding member of the Conservative Party. In 1883 Julián O'Roarke married Manuela (1859-1920), daughter of Ignacio Pereyra. They had six children.

Julián O'Roarke died on 28 June 1913 in Buenos Aires. The authorities of Baradero changed the name of Sauces street to Julián O'Roarke. 

Gonzalo Cané


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