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Mooney, Guillermo [el gaucho inglés] (1858-1928), landowner and politician, was born on 19 February 1858, the fourth child and second son of William Mooney (1810-1867) of Milltown, Co. Westmeath, and his wife Mary Murray (1808-1869). His sister Margarita [née Mooney] Morgan (1839-1923), benefactor, commissioned the Irish altars in Luján basilica and Clonmacnoise school in San Antonio de Areco.

Guillermo Mooney was a member of the Conservative party in Buenos Aires province. In 1910 he sat in the party's communications committee. His political bravery and good knowledge of the Spanish language were well-known in the region north-west of Buenos Aires. Mooney fought with Col. Gorordo to defend Pergamino city from the indian raids. He lived temporarily in Uruguay. In 1856 Guillermo Mooney went with his father to establish estancia El Paraíso in San Antonio de Areco, and later estancia El Procreo in Pergamino. He also owned land in Santa Fe and Fray Bentos, Uruguay.

Guillermo Mooney married Catalina (1846-1887), daughter of David Suffern (1814-1862) of Co. Antrim, and Mary MacStravack. The had six children. Guillermo Mooney died on 1 May 1928 and was buried at the cemetery of San Antonio de Areco.

Gonzalo Cané


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