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Lennon, Edward (1819-1890), landowner, was born in Co. Westmeath, the brother of Patrick Lennon (b.1839), who also emigrated to Argentina.

In c.1840 Edward Lennon married Rose (1819-1879), née Kenny of Ballynacarrigy, Co. Westmeath, and emigrated to Argentina in 1843 with their children John and Mary. They sailed in the Contess of Durham. They settled in Merlo and then moved to Capilla del Señor where Lennon purchased a property. He owned 900 hectares in 1869 and 3,600 hectares in 1878, together with 15,000 sheep. Edward Lennon died at his property on 1 March 1890. A stream in his estancia was named after him.

Gonzalo Cané


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