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Edward Cavanagh (1834-1917) and Margarita, née Gaynor, ca. 1900
(Ortigüela 1993)

Cavanagh, Edward (1834-1917), landowner and sheep-farmer, was born on 24 August 1834 at Long Linn, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, the son of John Cavanagh (b. 1808) and Anne Byrne.

In 1851 Edward Cavanagh emigrated to Argentina sailing in the William Peile. In Buenos Aires he worked with Edward Wallace in estancia El Rincón (San Antonio de Areco). Cavanagh acquired Pilar del Tala in Arrecifes (1872), and later six leagues of land in Venado Tuerto. In 1858 Edward Cavanagh married Margarita (b. 1842), daughter of James Gaynor and Louise [Alice] Wallace.

When Margarita died, Cavanagh distributed 36,000 hectares among his children. The town Cavanagh in Córdoba (Marcos Juárez department) was named after him by his son Tomás, owner of estancia San Eduardo

Edmundo Murray


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