Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography

Eduardo F. MacLoughlin (1918-1983)
(The Southern Cross, Número del Centenario)

MacLoughlin [McLoughlin], Eduardo Francisco (1918-1983), air force officer and public official, was born in Venado Tuerto, the son of Juan Bernardo MacLoughlin (d.1923) and Margarita Doyle. Grandson of James MacLoughlin of Morristown, Co. Wexford, who was one of the first settlers in Venado Tuerto. Married in 1943 with Mónica, daughter of Philip Murphy and María Leahy.

Eduardo F. MacLoughlin joined the army in 1937, and in 1943 graduated from the military air school. Three years later he was appointed to the air force procurement unit in Europe, and later as air attaché at the Argentine embassy in London. In September 1955 he resigned as presidential aide-de-camp and joined the revolutionary forces in Córdoba. MacLoughlin was promoted successively to air commodore in December 1956, minister of aeronautics, and military attaché at the Argentine embassy in Washington. The president Juan C. Onganía appointed MacLoughlin as ambassador to the United Kingdom in 1966-1970. During Levinston and Lanusse administration, he was minister of the interior and of foreign affairs. Eduardo F. MacLoughlin had a key responsibility in a failed British plan to hand sovereignty over to Malvinas/Falkland islanders before 1982. He died in 1983.

Edmundo Murray


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