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Luis Alberto Murray (1923-2002)
(Clarín, 1 August 2002)

Murray, Luis Alberto (1923-2002), journalist, historian and poet, was born in Buenos Aires, the son of Miguel Juan Murray (1894-1962) and his wife Teresa Munnier.

Luis Alberto Murray was a Peronist ideologist from the first presidential period of Juan D. Perón. He was a Catholic nationalist and also a revisionist historian. In 1948 Murray joined Crítica newspaper and contributed to Democracia, Vea y Lea, El Pueblo, Confirmado, Mayoría, and Clarín in their political sections. In the latter paper he worked for over twenty years. Murray began publishing poetry in 1943, including among other works: Desintegrada voz, Tránsito, Una mujer y un hombre, América clavada en mi costado, and De pie, entre los relámpagos. He also translated poetry and tango lyrics into English. His essays Pro y contra de Alberdi y Pro y contra de Sarmiento are important pieces of the revisionist school in history.

Edmundo Murray


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