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Culleton [neé Carmody], Elena Cecilia [Sheila] (d. 2002), teacher, was born in Coronel Dorrego, the daughter of Diego Carmody (1918-1962) and Ellen [Eileen] MacMahon (1890-1976) of Kilkee, Co. Clare, who arrived on 10 November 1911 in Argentina and was a teacher at the Buenos Aires English High School. During the 1929 financial crash, Diego Carmody lost his properties in Ireland and decided to settle in San Antonio de Areco, where his sisters Agustina and Gonzaga, both Sisters of Mercy, were living. Sheila moved to Mercedes with her family, and married Alfredo Culleton on 26 November 1960. Alfredo Culleton was the eldest son of Juan Culleton (b. 1872), one of the founders of Espora railway station in San Andrés de Giles, and Ana Cecilia Devereux (b. 1892). 

Gonzalo Cané


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