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Eduardo O'Neill (1947-1977)

O'Neill, Eduardo Miguel (1947-1977), physician and political activist, was born on August of 1947, the son of Miguel Pierce O'Neill and his wife, Elsa Consiglio. Miguel P. O'Neill was the second son of Michael O'Neill (1892-1964) and Anne O'Durnin (d.1960). Eduardo O'Neill's uncle was Fr. Terencio Kevin O'Neill C.P., director of the Southern Cross in 1991-2003.

Eduardo Miguel O'Neill studied at the national school of Buenos Aires. In 1972 O'Neill graduated with honours at the school of medicine in the University of Buenos Aires. As a graduate student, Dr. O'Neill published in cooperation with other authors Histología: Guía de Trabajos Prácticos (Buenos Aires: Eudeba, 1971). When Eduardo O'Neill was practising as a neurologist in the Ramos Mejía hospital of Buenos Aires, he was appointed secretary-general of the Federation of Resident Doctors, a union of physicians and psychologists in Argentina. Since 1958 the Federation's aimed at the development of a free health scheme for the poorest classes. On 9 September 1977 at 2.00 A.M. Eduardo M. O'Neill was kidnapped at home, in the presence of his wife and their one year old son Santiago. Since that date, Dr. O'Neill is included in the lists of desaparecidos during the Argentine military rule 1976-1983.

Edmundo Murray


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