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Black, John (d. 1900), Roman Catholic priest and Irish chaplain in Argentina, was born in Co. Meath, Ireland, and arrived in Argentina as a young emigrant. He went back to Ireland and joined All Hallows Seminar in Dublin, where he was ordained. He went to Australia, 'did not get on well there, returned home got connected with the Dresden enterprise and came to Buenos Aires as Chaplain to the immigrants. After the failure of the Napostá colony, remained in Buenos Aires. [...] Seems to have not been of entirely sound mind' [Murray 1919: 279]. In November 1890 he was appointed Irish Chaplain to the Southern parishes, with residence in Chascomús. On 23 April 1893, he opened a chapel in the Agriculture Centre of General Pirán, which was financed by Pirán family. Fr Black returned to the city of Buenos Aires and died in great poverty on 28 June 1900. He was buried from the Balvanera church by the Cura of that parish, who had been for long his only friend.

Gonzalo Cané


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