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Eduardo Pedro Maguire
(Sheridan Family collection)

Maguire, Eduardo Pedro (1865-1929), landowner, was born on 17 September 1865 in Capilla del Señor, the second son of John Maguire (1825-1905) and his wife, María Gaynor (1835-1907).

Eduardo P. Maguire was among the thirty largest landowners in Argentina in the 1920s. In 1923 he owned a total of 44,800 hectares in the province of Buenos Aires, distributed in the following places: Del Valle FCS, Salto FCCBA (San José), Maguire FCCA, Arenaza FCO (Médanos del Mate and Santa Clara), El Dorado FCP (Tres Bonetes), Balsa FCO, 12 de Octubre FCCGBA (Santa María), Km 280 FCM, and Santos Unzué FCM. Other properties would sum up to a total of 85,000 hectares. Maguire was major of Salto and consultant with the Bank of London and the River Plate.

On 18 Mayo 1891 Eduardo P. Maguire married Catalina (1867-1940), third daughter of John Murray (1826-1907) and Mary Fox (1843-1911). They had eight children, among them John Walter Maguire (1906-1981), antiquary and writer, author of Loncagüé (1967) and La pezuña de oro (1980).

In 1907 Maguire offered 8.3 hectares of his land in Pergamino to the Central Argentine Railway Company. A railway station was built and named after him. Eduardo Pedro Maguire died on 30 March 1929.

Edmundo Murray


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