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Shine, Santiago (1862-1934), milk retailer, was born in Buenos Aires on 12 May 1874, the second son of seven children of Matthew Shine (1830-1911) and his wife, Elizabeth Mary Hunt (1835-1886), from Friartown, County Limerick. The family had Church of Ireland and Roman Catholic backgrounds and for that reason emigrated to Argentina in about 1870.  

Santiago Shine was sent to Ireland to study at Rockwell College of the Holy Ghost fathers (Cashel, County Tipperary). Upon return to Argentina, he settled in Rafaela, Santa Fe, were he initiated a dairy industry. Shine was the manager of the butter manufacturer River Plate & Co. In 1906, Santiago Shine was responsible for the establishment of new plants in San Jerónimo, Santa María, Bella Italia, and Felicia. He owned a total of seventy dairy shops in the region. Santiago Shine married Maria Herminia (d.1975), née Huber. They had two daughters and a son. Shine died on 18 August 1934.

Gonzalo Cané

Rev. 2 February 2009


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