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Lalor, John (1860-1931), landowner and livestock dealer, was born in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, the first son of John Lalor sen. (1828-1871) of Dublin.

John Lalor emigrated to Argentina in 1880 and worked as a shepherd and sheep-farmer. In 1894 Lalor joined the wool and livestock dealers Oñagoity & Son, later Salaberry, Lalor y Bercetche. In 1910 John Lalor founded Casa Lalor, being Tom and Lawrence Garrahan its first clients. Lalor was a founding member of the Argentine chamber of livestock dealers in 1912. John Lalor married Emilia (1869-1935), daughter of Patrick O'Neill. They had eight children. John Lalor died on 23 October 1931. His son Eduardo S. Lalor (1896-1979), businessman, was president of the stock exchange and the rural society, and director of the central bank.

Gonzalo Cané


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