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Doyle, Eduardo (1873-1948), physician, seventh son of Luke Doyle (1831-1899) of Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, and Catalina Gaynor (1837-1884). Eduardo's brother Cristóbal Doyle (1862-1927) was the founder of Doyle town in San Pedro, and his fourth eldest brother Santiago Doyle (1868-1969) was the city major of San Pedro in two periods.

In 1910, Eduardo Doyle was a member of the Conservative Party in the province of Buenos Aires, being a member of the Finance Committee. Dr. Doyle worked as a physician in San Pedro and then in San Antonio de Areco, where he married Jerónima Lacarra. They had five daughters. A street in Santa Lucía was named after Eduardo Doyle

Gonzalo Cané


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