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Lynch, Leopoldo (1871-1924), historian and journalist, was born on 6 September 1871 in Córdoba, the son of Fulgencio Lynch and Gertrudis Mansilla Paz. 

Leopoldo Lynch was sent to Buenos Aires City to study in a school for military orphans. By the end of 1880 he went with his brother, who was a Colonel in the army, to settled in the province of Catamarca. In 1890, at the early age of nineteen, he was appointed secretary of the provincial police commissioner.

In 1895 Leopoldo Lynch setttled in Tinogasta, west of Córdoba province, and married Ana Figueroa. Lynch promoted several communal works, including the establishment of a new branch of the national bank, works of irrigation, and the extension of the railway from Chumbicha. Lynch was an active member of the Conservative party, judge of the peace, tax inspector, and president of municipal committees. He contributed to La Prensa and other newspapers as their correspondent journalist.

Leopoldo Lynch published Monografía Histórica y Geográfica sobre el Departamento de Tinogasta (Catamarca: La Ley, 1909). He also wrote La Montura del Gigante, an article published by "La Voz del Interior" in 1923. Lynch died in Tinogasta on 15 October 1924.

Gonzalo Cané


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