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Volume 7, Number 4: November 2011 (pdf)
Editor: Clíona Murphy

Introduction, Clíona Murphy

A Historical Survey of Irish Missionary Activity in Latin America  Séamus O'Fógartaigh

The Activity of Irish Priests in the West Indies: 1638-1669 Matteo Binasco

Susan Beamish-Strachan: From Cork to Costa Rica (1874-1950) Conrad Hicks

Mission in Pinochet's Chile: A Memoir Alo Connaughton

The "Assassinated" Voice of the Pallotines Pablo Cid

Transnational Religions: The Brazilians in Ireland Garret Maher

Liberation Theology: A Catalyst for Social Change in Ireland and Latin America Séamus O'Fógartaigh

Non-thematic article

Irish Immigrants in Perú in the Nineteenth Century by Gabriela McEvoy

Book Reviews

Natalie Zacek, Settler Society in the English Leeward Islands, 1670-1776, by Nini Rodgers

Leonard O'Brien, Children of the Sun: The Cork Mission to South America, by Gabriela McEvoy

Mario Vargas Llosa, El Sueño del Celta, by David Barnwell


Volume 7, Number 3: March 2010 (pdf)
Guest Editor: Karen Racine

Irish Soldiers in Iberia and Latin America, by Karen Racine

British Army, Irish Soldiers - the 1806 Invasion of Buenos Aires, by Thomas Byrne

Irish Soldiers at the Sieges of Girona, 1808-1809 , by Oisín Breatnach

Richard Crofton, Irish Soldier in New Granada’s Battle of El Santuario in 1829: A Work in Progress and Search for More Information, by Matthew Brown

Saving Republics: General Martin Thomas McMahon, the Paraguayan War and the Fate of the Americas (1864-1870), by Michael Kenneth Huner

John O’Brien: Captain Dynamite of the Cuban War for Independence, 1868-1898s, by Herminio Portell Vilá

Testimonies of Irish-Argentine Veterans of the Falklands / Malvinas War (1982), by John Kennedy

Who are the Good Guys?: Political Violence and the Figure of the Irish Mercenary in Louis Malle’s South-of-the-Border Western Film ¡Viva Maria!, by Paula Gilligan

The Ancestral Home of Chile’s Blest Family in Sligo, Ireland, by Moises Hasson Camhi

Terrys in Latin America of Cork origin, by Kevin Terry

Castle with a Ghost, by Mario Vargas Llosa

Review of: “W. R. Grace & Co. Los años formativos: 1850-1930” by Lawrence A. Clayton, Lima, Perú, Asociación Marítima y Naval Iberoamericana, 2008, 348 pages. ISBN: 978-9972-877-07-0 (Spanish Language Edition), by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante Olguín.

Review of: Diego Téllez Alarcia’s La manzana de la discordia. Historia de la Colonia del Sacramento desde la fundación portuguesa hasta la conquista por los españoles (1677-1777)., by By Emilia Riquelme Cortés.

Review of: David Barnwell, Pádraig Ó Domhnalláin and Carmen Rodríguez Alonso’s Diccionario Irlandés-Español / Foclóir Gaeilge-Spáinnise, by Thomas Ihde

Review of: Michael Lillis and Ronan Fanning’s The Lives of Eliza Lynch, Scandal and Courage, by Tony Phillips

Review of: David Tatham’s (ed.) Dictionary of Falklands Biography (including South Georgia). From Discovery up to 1981, by Mariano Galazzi

Eric Lambert (1909-1996), historian and intelligence officer, by Moises Enrique Rodríguez

Patricio Lynch (1825–1886), naval and military officer, by Moises Enrique Rodríguez


Volume 7, Number 2: July 2009 (pdf)
Guest Editors: Laura Izarra and Patricia Novillo-Corvalán
> Literary Connections between Ireland and Latin America, by Laura Izarra and Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

> Interview with Mario Vargas Llosa, by Angus Mitchell

> Interview with Marina Carr, by Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

> Interview with Larry O'Loughlin, by Laura Izarra

> Joycean Aesthetics in Spanish Literature, by Marisol Morales Ladrón

> Joyce’s Ulysses in Argentine Literature, by Carlos Gamerro

> Baroque Historiographies: Joyce, Faulkner, and García Márquez, by Diana Pérez García

>Two Contemporary Medeas, by Zoraide Rodriguez Carrasco de Mesquita

> The Transfiguration of History: Knowledge, Time and Space in Northern Irish Poetry, by Viviane C. Annunciação

> An Exile Guidebook for All: The Reception of William Bulfin’s Rambles in Eirinn in Ireland: 1902, by Rebecca Geraghty and Patrick Geraghty

> Interpreting History in Eduardo Cormick's Entre Gringos y Criollos by Andrés Romera

> Henry Sheridan and the Beginnings of Argentine Art by Mariano Galazzi

> Una poca de gracia: Irish Music in Latin America by Edmundo Murray

> From Cuyo to the Seaboard: Irish Roots in Popular Argentine Music, by Eduardo Cormick

> Beneath the Hieroglyph: Recontextualising the Black Diaries of Roger Casement, by Angus Mitchell

> Review of David Lloyd's Irish Times,Temporalities of Modernity by Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação, and Author's Reply

> Review of Maria McGarrity’s Washed by the Gulf Stream. The Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature, by Mariana Bolfarine

> Review of Matthew Brown’s (ed.) Informal Empire in Latin America. Culture, Commerce and Capital, by Enrique Alejandro Basabe and Author's Reply

> Review of Mícheál de Barra’s Gaeil i dTír na nGauchos (Irish People in the Land of the Gauchos), by Eoghan Mac Aogáin , and Author's Reply

> Review of James Monaghan’s Colombia Jail Journal, by Peter Hart and Author's Reply

> Review of Helen Kelly’s Irish ‘Ingleses’. The Irish Immigrant Experience in Argentina 1840-1920, by Claire Healy

Volume 7, Number 1: March 2009 (pdf)
Guest Editor: Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías and Carolina Barry

> The Irish in Latin American Politics, Government and Diplomacy, by Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías and Carolina Barry

> Irish News in the New Spanish Kingdoms: the Circulation of Political Information about William Lamport and Diego Nugent, 1642-1667, by Natalia Silva Prada

> Arthur Griffith and Patrick McManus, by Rebecca Geraghty

> The Irish Struggle for Freedom as Seen from the Pampas: The formation of the Irish Free State and the Perception of the Irish-Argentine Community (1916-1922), by Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías

> Sean Lester, Ireland and Latin America in the League of Nations, 1929-1946, by Yannick Wehrli

> Irish Diplomacy in Argentina, by Maria Eugenia Cruset

> ‘I am an Argentine’: Irish Catholics in Buenos Aires, 1906-1913, by Brad Lange

> Damned Irishman: John William Cooke, by María José Punte

> Madden and the Abolition of Slavery in Cuba, by José Antonio Quintana García

> Under Three Flags: the Diplomatic Career of Daniel Florence O'Leary, by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez

> Ethnic Identity and Integration among Brazilians in Gort, Ireland, by Olivia Sheringham

> Santiago FitzSimon: Promoting technical education in Argentina, by Nancy R. Escobar

> Review of Enrique García Hernán and Óscar Recio Morales's (eds.) Extranjeros en el Ejército: Militares irlandeses en la sociedad española, 1580-1818, by David Barnwell, and Author's Reply

> Review of Lourdes De Ita Rubio's Viajeros Isabelinos en la Nueva España, by Cristina Borreguero Beltrán, and Author's Reply

> Review of Jean Ziegler's La haine de l'Occident, by Edmundo Murray, and Author's Reply

> Review of James P. Byrne, Philip Coleman and Jason King's (eds.) Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics and History, by María Graciela Adamoli and María Graciela Eliggi, and Author's Reply


Volume 6, Number 3: November 2008 (pdf)
Guest Editor: Susan Wilkinson

> Health, Physicians and Nurses in Latin America: an Introduction, by Susan Wilkinson

> Early Medical Education in Ireland, by Susan Wilkinson

> Irish Doctors in the Colombian Wars of Independence, by Matthew Brown

> The Other Front of the Hispanic-American Independence: The Battle for Health and Hygiene, by Alejandra Baldrich and Mario Marini

> Irish Immigrants and their Arrival in Chile: the Case of Dr William Blest Maybern, by Fabián Gaspar Bustamente Olguín

> Jack of All Trades (and Master of All): Dr Hutchinson’s Practice in Africa and Latin America, 1851-1874, by Edmundo Murray

> Dr Leeson of Dublin, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, by Edward Walsh

> Richard Gumbleton Daunt: the Man, the Physician and the City of Campinas (1843-1893), by Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação

> Arthur Pageitt Greene (1848-1933): a Rural Doctor in Argentina, by Susan Wilkinson

> Cecilia Grierson: Argentina's First Female Doctor, by Carolina Barry

> Arnoldo Geoghegan: a Man of Action, by Carolina Barry

> The Gorgas Course in Tropical Medicine: An Account, by Arthur Jackson

> Missionaries of Mary in Latin America, by Isabelle Smyth *

> Sources: A Dublin Observer of the Lisbon Yellow Fever Epidemic, by J.B. Lyons

> Sources: The Plague at Buenos Aires, by Marion Mulhall

> Sources: Sebastian’s Pride, by Susan Wilkinson

> Review of Merrie Ann Nall’s Women of Hope, by Deborah M. Nilles

Volume 6, Number 2: July 2008 (pdf)
Guest Editor: María José Roger

> Ireland, Latin America and Education: an Introduction, by María José Roger

> Education in Values: The Experience of Two Irish-Argentine Schools, by Carla Battezzati

> Irish Passionist Nuns at Michael Ham: their legacy to Argentine education, by Damasia Becu-Villalobos

> Much More than a Competition, by Desmond Kelleher

> 'We wanted to go on thinking, working, developing our skills': Interview with Hilda Sabato, by Edmundo Murray

> The Spanish Language in Ireland, by David Barnwell

> When Ireland landed in the Pampas: the Irish in Argentina Project in the University of La Pampa (2007-2009), by María Graciela Eliggi, María Graciela Adamoli and Enrique Alejandro Basabe

> Review of Alfredo Sepúlveda Cereceda's Bernardo: Una biografía de Bernardo O’Higgins, by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante, and Author's Reply

> Review of Juan Pablo Young and Pablo Zubizarreta’s documentary film 4 de julio: La masacre de San Patricio (Fourth of July: The Massacre at St. Patrick’s), by Catherine Leen, and Author's Reply

Volume 6, Number 1: March 2008 (pdf)
Guest Editor: John Kennedy

> An Introduction, by John Kennedy

> The Sporting Dimension to the Relationship Between Ireland and Latin America, by John Kennedy

> Irish Association Football in Argentina, by Víctor Raffo

> Catholic, Male and Working-class: The Evolution of the Hurling Club into a Wide-Ranging Irish-Argentine Institution (1920-1980), by Ronnie Quinn

> The Development of Rugby in the River Plate Region: Irish Influences, by Hugh FitzGerald Ryan

> Don Patricio O’Connell: An Irishman and the Politics of Spanish Football, by Jimmy Burns

> ‘El Primer Crack’ of Argentine Basketball: Oscar Furlong, by John Kennedy

> Horses and Horseracing: An Irish passion in Nineteenth-Century Río de la Plata, by Edmundo Murray

>From Shepherds to Polo Players: Irish-Argentines from the First to the Last Chukker, by Guillermo MacLoughlin Bréard

>‘Rugby gives you values: they aren’t written but they are for life’: Interview with Felipe Contepomi, by Edmundo Murray

> Profile: Alfredo Di Stéfano, football player, by John Kennedy

> Profile: Fabián O'Neill, football player, by Conrad O'Neill Malcolm

> Profile: Santiago Phelan, rugby player and coach, by John Kennedy

> Profile: Pablo MacDonough, polo player, by Guillermo MacLoughlin Bréard

> Review of Brendan O Donoghue's In Search of Fame and Fortune: The Leahy Family of Engineers, 1780-1888, by William H. Mulligan Jr., and Author's Reply

> Review of Iván Alejandro Portela Bonachea's Cantos de Tir na n-Og, by Olwen Rowe, and Author's Reply

Volume 5, Number 3: November 2007 (pdf)
Guest Editor: Jorge L. Chinea

 > Ireland and the Caribbean, by Jorge L. Chinea.

> The Irish in the Caribbean 1641-1837: An Overview, by Nini Rodgers.

> Literary Migrations: Homer’s Journey through Joyce’s Ireland and Walcott’s Saint Lucia, by Patricia Novillo-Corvalán.

> An Alternative View to the Propaganda: The Irish-American Press and the Spanish-American War, Eileen Anderson.

> Irish Indentured Servants, Papists and Colonists in Spanish Colonial Puerto Rico, ca. 1650-1800, by Jorge L. Chinea.

> Irish Railroad Workers in Cuba: Towards a Research Agenda, by Margaret Brehony.

> The Irish Presence in the History and Place Names of Cuba, by Rafael Fernández Moya.

> Liberty’s Call: Richard Robert Madden’s Voice in the Anti-Slavery Movement (1833-1842), by Gera Burton.

> Beyond Kinship: A Study of the Eighteenth-century Irish Community at Saint Croix, Danish West Indies, by Orla Power.

> Banished by Cromwell? John Hooke and the Caribbean, by Thomas Byrne.

> John Dynamite: Marine Mambí, by José Antonio Quintana.

> ‘I arise and go with William Butler Yeats…’: Cultural Dovetailing in Lorna Goodison’s Country Sligoville, by Lamia Tewfik.

> A Taste of My Life: Texts and Poems, by Carlota Caulfield.

> Review of Jonathan Skinner's Before the Volcano. Reverberations of Identity on Montserrat, by Cielo G. Festino, and Author's Reply.

> Review of Nini Rodgers's Ireland, Slavery and Anti-Slavery, by Gera Burton, and Author's Reply.

> Review of Matthew Brown’s Adventuring through Spanish Colonies: Simón Bolívar, Foreign Mercenaries, and the Birth of New Nations, by Karen Racine, and Author's Reply.

Volume 5, Number 2: July 2007 (pdf)
Guest Editor: Igor Pérez Tostado

> Ireland and Iberia: An Introduction, by Igor Pérez Tostado.

> Spain in Irish Literature 1789-1850: an Approach to a Minor Representation, by Asier Altuna-García de Salazar.

> John Aldridge: A Real Irishman, by Matthew Brown.

> A Description of the Irish in Seville: Merchants of the Eighteenth Century, by Manuel Fernández Chaves and Mercedes Gamero Rojas.

> Immigration, Social Dialogue and Economic Growth in the Old Periphery of Europe: The Celtic and Latin Tigers?, by Oscar Molina.

> A Nation of Emigrants or Immigrants?: The Challenge of Integration in Ireland and Portugal, by Claire Healy.

> When merit alone is not enough: Money as a 'parallel route' for Irish military advancement in Spain, by Óscar Recio Morales.

> The Spanish Habsburgs and their Irish Soldiers (1587-1700), by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez.

> Mr. Richard Wall: The Irish-Spanish Minister, by Diego Téllez Alarcia.

> Review of Susana Taurozzi's Los Pasionistas en Argentina y Uruguay: Cien años de historia, by Edward Walsh, and Author's Reply.

> Biographies:
- Rooke, James (1770-1819), commander of the British Legion during the South American wars of independence, by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez.
- O'Neill, Alexandre (1924-1986), Portuguese poet.
- Healy, José Santiago (1895-1968), media entrepreneur in Mexico.
- Banks, Mateo (1872-1949), Argentine family murderer.
- Dillon, Jorge Patricio (1953-c.1977), student activist and social worker in Argentina.

Volume 5, Number 1: March 2007 (pdf)
> Ireland and Mexico, by Séamus Ó Fógartaigh 

> Irish Mexican, Latino Irlandés: Fountains of Literary Invention, by David Vela

> Contemporary Irish Mexican Gatherings and Forays in California: The Irish Mexican Association (IMA), 1994-2007, by Patrick Goggins

> Mexico and Neocolonialism: an Irish perspective, by Tony Phillips

> Reviving the Saint Patrick's Battalion, by Dan Leahy (including The Saint Patrick's Battalion, a song by David Rovics)

> John Dynamite: The Adventures of a Filibuster, by José Antonio Quintana García

> St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires: An Expression of Urban Folk Tradition, by María Inés Palleiro, Patricio Parente and Flora Delfino Kraft

> Interview: The Musical Migration of Rodrigo y Gabriela, by Claire Healy

> Poem: Saint Patrick pray, pray for all of us, pray for me, by Iván Portela

> Sources: Address by the President of Ireland Mary McAleese to the Senate of Mexico (6 April 1999), edited by Edmundo Murray

> Sources: Bernardo O’Higgins’ Plans - The Arrival of Irish Immigrants in Mexico, edited by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante Olguín

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":

- Lamport, William [Guillén Lombardo] (1610-1659), author of an early declaration of Mexican independence and self-proclaimed ‘King of New Spain’, by Ryan Dominic Crewe

- O'Horan, Tomás Antonio (1776-1848), public official in Mexico and Guatemala, by Fabián G. Bustamante Olguín

- Sandes, Arthur(1793-1832), commander of the Rifles Battalion in the South American wars of independence, by Moises Enrique Rodriguez

- Godínez, Miguel [formerly Michael Wadding] (1591-1644), Jesuit missionary to New Spain

- O'Farrill, Rómulo Antonio [Jr.] (1917-2006), media entrepreneur

- O'Gorman, Edmundo (1906-1995), historian

- O'Gorman, Juan (1905-1982), Mexican architect and artist

- O'Higgins, Pablo (1904-1983), artist and art teacher in Mexico

Volume 4, Number 4: October 2006 (pdf)
> From Westmeath to Peru Full Circle: Memoirs of a Westmeath Missionary in Sicuani, Cuzco, by Desmond Kelleher

> Bernardo O'Higgins: The Rebel Son of a Viceroy, by Alfredo Sepúlveda

> Conquistadores, Soldiers and Entrepreneurs: Early Irish Presence in Chile, by Arturo Griffin

> ‘Foreigners of this Kind’: Chilean Refugees in Ireland, 1973-1990, by Claire Healy

> 'Sr. Hutchinson, otra vez, no dice V. nonsenses, no tonterrias': A Bigoted Response to Thomas J. Hutchinson's Two Years in Peru (1873), by Edmundo Murray

> From a Shipwreck to 'Macayadas': The Macays in Ecuador, by Carmen Dueñas de Anhalzer

> From Ireland to South America: A Story of Departures, Separations and Reunions, by Julia Boland and Marilyn Boland

> The Irish in the Peruvian Andes, by Rosario Sheen

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
- Grace, William Russell (1832-1904), merchant, by Lawrence A. Clayton.
- O'Gorman, Thomas (b.c.1760), merchant in Spain and South America, by Jerry W. Cooney.
- Blest, Clotario (1899-1990), Catholic labour leader in Chile.
- Hutchinson, Thomas Joseph (c.1802-1885), diplomat, physician and travel writer.
- Leigh, Henry Hilton (d. 1910), landowner and pioneer cotton planter.
- Mackenna, John (1771-1814), general in the Chilean war of independence.
- O'Connor, Francisco Burdett [Frank] (1791-1871), officer in the Irish Legion of Simón Bolívar's army.
- O'Higgins, Ambrose [Ambrosio] (c.1721-1801), governor and captain-general of Chile, later viceroy of Peru.
- Payne, William Smith [Guillermo] (1870-1924), missionary in Argentina and Bolivia.
- Vicuña Mackenna, Benjamín (1831-1886), Chilean writer, journalist and historian.
- Wright, Thomas Charles James (1799-1868), officer in Simón Bolívar's army and founder of the Ecuadorian naval school.

Call for Grant Proposals: Irish Latin American Research Fund, Academic Year 2007-2008

Call for Papers: SILAS launches its first conference in Galway, 27-30 June 2007

Call for Contributions (March 2007): Ireland and Mexico

Vol. 4, No. 3: July 2006  (pdf)
> Brazil and Ireland, by Edmundo Murray

> English and Irish Naval Officers in the War for Brazilian Independence, by Brian Vale

> Great Britain, the Paraguayan War and Free Immigration in Brazil, 1862-1875, by Miguel Alexandre de Araujo Neto

> Reinventing Brazil: New Readings and Renewal in the Narratives of Irish Travellers, by Laura Izarra

> From the Putumayo to Connemara: Roger Casement’s Amazonian Voyage of Discovery, by Peter James Harris

> Carnaval do Galway: The Brazilian Community in Gort, 1999-2006, by Claire Healy

> Phil Lynott: Famous For Many Reasons, by John Horan

> Sources: 'Hy-Brassil, Irish Origins of Brazil', by Roger Casement, edited by Angus Mitchell

> Sources: 'Petition to Pope Pius the Ninth', by potential Irish emigrants to Brazil in the 1860s, edited by Oliver Marshall

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
- William Cotter, Irish officer in Dom Pedro's army of imperial Brazil
- William Scully
(d. 1885), journalist and businessman in Brazil
- Bartholomew Hayden
(1792-1857), navy officer in Brazil
- John De Courcy Ireland
(1911-2006), maritime historian

New Grant Recipients: Irish Latin American Research Fund

Call for Papers: SILAS launches its first conference in Galway, 27-30 June 2007

SILAS General Meeting: Executive Committee Members

Call for Contributions (October 2006): The Irish in Peru, Ecuador, Chile and Bolivia

Vol. 4, No. 2: March 2006  (pdf)
> The Irish in Colombia

> Crusaders for Liberty or Vile Mercenaries? The Irish Legion in Colombia, by Matthew Brown

> Rum, Recruitment and Revolution: Alcohol and the Irish Recruits in the Colombian Wars of Independence, by Karen Racine

> William Duane and his 'Visit to Colombia' of 1823, by David Barnwell

> Glimpses of the Irish in 19th Century Bogotá, by Edward Walsh

> Explosive Journey: Perceptions of Latin America in the FARC-IRA Affair (2001-2005), by Edmundo Murray

> Sources: William Ferguson's 'Journal from Lima to Caracas'

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
- John Devereux (1778-1854), army officer and recruiter for the Irish Legion in Simon Bolivar's army.
- O'Leary, Daniel Florence (1801-1854), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence.
- William Owens Ferguson (1800-1828), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence.

Call for Grant Proposals: Irish Latin American Research Fund
Academic Year 2006-2007

Vol. 4, No. 1: January-February 2006 (pdf)
> The Irish in Uruguay and Paraguay

> Fernando O'Neill (1924-2005), revolutionary and historian of anarchism in Uruguay, by Carlos Caillabet

> Beauty and the Beast: A Beautiful Irish Courtesan and a Beastly Latin American Dictator, by Edmundo Murray

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
Campbell, Peter (1780-c1832), naval officer and founder of the Uruguayan navy.
Gore, Robert (1810-1854), naval officer and diplomatist
Lynch, Eliza (1835-1886), courtesan and unofficial first lady of Paraguay.
O'Leary, Juan Emiliano (1879-1969), poet and historian.

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Vol. 3, No. 6: November-December 2005 (pdf)
> Politically Incorrect: Irish Argentines in the Early Peronist Period, by Carolina Barry

> The Irish in Falklands/Malvinas Islands, by Edmundo Murray

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
Baxter, José Luis [Joe] (1940-1973), activist and revolutionary.
Cooke, John William (1920-1968), politician and ideologist of the Peronist movement.
Farrell, Edelmiro Julián (1887-1980), army officer and president
of Argentina.
Guevara, Ernesto [Che] (1928-1967), physician and revolutionary.

New Name:
Society for Irish Latin American Studies


Vol. 3, No. 5: September-October 2005 (pdf)
Beneath an Emerald Green Flag, by Michael G. Connaughton

The St. Patricio Battalion, by Jaime Fogarty

Irish-Mexican Brothers: Edmundo and Juan O'Gorman, by Edmundo Murray

New Name:
Society for Irish Latin American Studies

Grant Recipients 2005-2006

"Anastasia Joyce Papers" at
Universidad de San Andrés

Vol. 3, No. 4: July-August 2005 (pdf)
How British Sports Became Argentine Passions: Paddy McCarthy, Irish Footballer and Boxer in Argentina, by Edmundo Murray

The IAHS Changes its Name: Society for Irish Latin American Studies

Irish Latin American Research Fund

Mary Anglim appointed Honorary Member

Vol. 3, No. 3: May-June 2005 (pdf)
1875 - 9 June - 2005: Death Anniversary of Thomas St. George Armstrong

Images of the Camp People: Irish Life in San Pedro, 1875-2005

A Cork Harbour Pilot in Bahía Blanca, by Edward Walsh

The Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection

Vol. 3, No. 2: March-April 2005 (pdf)
St. Patrick's Day in Peru, 1824, by Brian McGinn

St. Patrick's Day, Buenos Aires, 1905, by Edward Walsh

Dictionary of Irish-Argentine Biography. William Brown, Edelmiro Farrell.

Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection at Universidad de San Andrés's Max von Buch Library   

Call for Grant Proposals: Irish Latin American Research Fund
Academic Year 2005-2006

Vol. 3, No. 1: January-February 2005 (pdf)
Fr. Anthony Fahy O.P., by Edward Walsh

Anthony Fahy of Loughrea: Irish Missionary in Argentina, by Michael Fahy

Dictionary of Irish-Argentine Biography. Anthony Dominic Fahy

A Chronology of Fr. Fahy: His Life and Work

Vol. 2, No. 5: November-December 2004 (pdf)
Dr. John O’Dwyer Creaghe (1841-1920) Irish-Argentine Anarchist,
by Máirtín Ó Catháin

The Black Frigate, by Eduardo C. Gerding

Voices from the Camps. New interviews: Mrs. Casey of Duggan Town, Mrs. Mackay, Mrs. Sills II, Eduardo Coghlan, Hilda Sabato, Maria Elena Walsh, Edmundo Moore.

Dictionary of Irish-Argentine Biography. New entries: John O'Dwyer Creaghe, John Bolster, Robert Gore.

Vol. 2, No. 4: September-October 2004 (pdf)

♣ An Ireland of the Mind: How Irish Argentines Don't Know and Don't Care about Irish Politics, by Sergio Kiernan 
♣ The Bradys of Giles, Areco and Westmeath, by Edward Walsh
♣ New Biographies: Pedro Gannon, Agustín Dillon, Richard Hardy 

Vol. 2, No. 3: July-August 2004 (pdf)
♣ Voices from the Camps. Interviews by Bill Meek (1987) and Joe Murray (2004)

♣ In the Name of Power: Culture and Place Names in Venado Tuerto, by Alejandra García and Gladis Mignacco 

♣ New Biographies: Edward Lennon, Eduardo MacLoughlin, John Thomond O'Brien, Juan A. O'Farrell, Peter Sheridan


Vol. 2, No. 2: May-June 2004 (pdf)

♣ The First Irish Race Congress in South America, by Carolina Barry

♣ Was Admiral Brown Admiral Someone Else? by Michael Geraghty
♣ 1,113 Irish-Argentine Landowners

♣ New Biographies: Tomás Kenny, John Lalor, John Walter Maguire, Michael Mulhall, Camila O'Gorman, John Oughagan

Vol. 2, No. 1: March-April 2004 (pdf)

  Irish-Argentine Research Fund 2004-2005

  2004 Conferences & Activities

  New Bios: Eamon Bulfin, Eduardo Coghlan, Matthew Gaughren, Patrick Fitzsimons, Rodolfo Walsh, &c.

 1895 Census Returns and other Databases

Additions to Burial Records: Marcos Paz and
Moreno graveyards

Vol. 1, No. 2: December 2003 (pdf)

Dictionary of Irish Argentine Biography

Places of Origin: a Photographic Tour

The Children of the Diaspora: Irish Schools and Educators in Argentina, 1850-1950, by María José Roger
Timeline of the Irish in Argentina

New thesis: How the Irish Became 'Gauchos Ingleses': Diasporic Models in Irish-Argentine Literature, by E. Murray

7,000+ Irish Passengers to Argentina 1822-1929

4,000+ Irish Settlers in Argentina

Vol. 1, No. 1: April 2003 (pdf)

- The Irish Immigrants and Education, by María José Roger, MA History Thesis (Review)

- You May Die in Ireland, by Michael J. Geragthy (Full Story)

- The Irish Road to Argentina: Nineteenth-Century Travel Patterns from Ireland to the River Plate, by E. Murray (Full Story)

- The Irish Diaspora in Argentina, by Laura Izarra in: "British Association for Irish Studies", Bulletin 32 (Review)


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