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Cumann Staire na nÉireannach san Airgintín

Lamport & Holt brochure addressing
potential emigrants and visitors (1912 )
(Fraser Darrah Collection)


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September 2004

 An Ireland of the Mind: How Irish Argentines Don't Know and Don't Care about Irish Politics, by Sergio Kiernan  >>>
 The Bradys of Giles, Areco and Westmeath, by Edward Walsh >>>  New Biographies: Pedro Gannon, Agustín Dillon, Richard Hardy >>>


Introduction Origins  Journey Settlement Culture/s
- Researching
- Bibliography

- Timeline
- Databases

- Sabato and Korol
- Under Irish Skies
- John James Murphy
- Kathleen Milton Jones
- W. Brown Memorial
- Passenger Lists
- Irish Road to South America
- The William Peile
- The City of Dresden
- List of Irish Settlers
- Biographies
- Toponymy

- Burial Records

- Voices from the Camps
- Literature
- Education
- Links

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