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Irish Soldiers and Military Conflicts
in Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean

Guest Editor: Karen Racine


Courtesy of Ministerio de Defensa - República Argentina
in collaboration with the Veteranos de Guerra de Malvinas.

Irish Soldiers in Iberia and Latin America, by Karen Racine

British Army, Irish Soldiers - the 1806 Invasion of Buenos Aires, by Thomas Byrne

Irish Soldiers at the Sieges of Girona, 1808-1809 , by Oisín Breatnach

Richard Crofton, Irish Soldier in New Granada’s Battle of El Santuario in 1829: A Work in Progress and Search for More Information, by Matthew Brown

Saving Republics: General Martin Thomas McMahon, the Paraguayan War and the Fate of the Americas (1864-1870), by Michael Kenneth Huner

John O’Brien: Captain Dynamite of the Cuban War for Independence, 1868-1898s, by Herminio Portell Vilá

Testimonies of Irish-Argentine Veterans of the Falklands / Malvinas War (1982), by John Kennedy

Who are the Good Guys?: Political Violence and the Figure of the Irish Mercenary in Louis Malle’s South-of-the-Border Western Film ¡Viva Maria!, by Paula Gilligan

The Ancestral Home of Chile’s Blest Family in Sligo, Ireland, by Moises Hasson Camhi

Terrys in Latin America of Cork origin, by Kevin Terry

Castle with a Ghost, by Mario Vargas Llosa

Review of: “W. R. Grace & Co. Los años formativos: 1850-1930” by Lawrence A. Clayton, Lima, Perú, Asociación Marítima y Naval Iberoamericana, 2008, 348 pages. ISBN: 978-9972-877-07-0 (Spanish Language Edition), by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante Olguín.

Review of: Diego Téllez Alarcia’s La manzana de la discordia. Historia de la Colonia del Sacramento desde la fundación portuguesa hasta la conquista por los españoles (1677-1777)., by By Emilia Riquelme Cortés.

Review of: David Barnwell, Pádraig Ó Domhnalláin and Carmen Rodríguez Alonso’s Diccionario Irlandés-Español / Foclóir Gaeilge-Spáinnise, by Thomas Ihde

Review of: Michael Lillis and Ronan Fanning’s The Lives of Eliza Lynch, Scandal and Courage, by Tony Phillips

Review of: David Tatham’s (ed.) Dictionary of Falklands Biography (including South Georgia). From Discovery up to 1981, by Mariano Galazzi

Eric Lambert (1909-1996), historian and intelligence officer, by Moises Enrique Rodríguez

Patricio Lynch (1825–1886), naval and military officer, by Moises Enrique Rodríguez


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