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Volume 4, Number 3

July 2006

> Brazil and Ireland, by Edmundo Murray

> English and Irish Naval Officers in the War for Brazilian Independence, by Brian Vale

> Great Britain, the Paraguayan War and Free Immigration in Brazil, 1862-1875, by Miguel Alexandre de Araujo Neto

> Reinventing Brazil: New Readings and Renewal in the Narratives of Irish Travellers, by Laura Izarra

> From the Putumayo to Connemara: Roger Casementís Amazonian Voyage of Discovery, by Peter James Harris

> Carnaval do Galway: The Brazilian Community in Gort,
, by Claire Healy

> Phil Lynott: Famous For Many Reasons, by John Horan

> Sources: 'Hy-Brassil, Irish Origins of Brazil', by Roger Casement, edited by Angus Mitchell

> Sources: 'Petition to Pope Pius the Ninth', by potential Irish emigrants to Brazil in the 1860s, edited by Oliver Marshall

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
William Cotter, Irish officer in Dom Pedro's army of imperial Brazil
William Scully (d. 1885), journalist and businessman in Brazil
Bartholomew Hayden (1792-1857), navy officer in Brazil
John De Courcy Ireland
(1911-2006), maritime historian


And I know its radiance calm and pure
Beams from Hybrasilís shore,
Where those who to the end endure
Shall rest for evermore

(I.F. Galwey, Hybrasil and Other Verses, 1872)

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