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Volume 4, Number 2

March 2006

> The Irish in Colombia

> Crusaders for Liberty or Vile Mercenaries? The Irish Legion in Colombia, by Matthew Brown

> Rum, Recruitment and Revolution: Alcohol and the Irish Recruits in the Colombian Wars of Independence, by Karen Racine

> William Duane and his 'Visit to Colombia' of 1823, by David Barnwell

> Glimpses of the Irish in 19th Century Bogotá, by Edward Walsh

> Explosive Journey: Perceptions of Latin America in the FARC-IRA Affair (2001-2005), by Edmundo Murray

> Sources: William Ferguson's 'Journal from Lima to Caracas'

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
John Devereux (1778-1854), army officer and recruiter for the Irish Legion in Simon Bolivar's army.
O'Leary, Daniel Florence (1801-1854), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence.
William Owens Ferguson (1800-1828), army officer in the South American Wars of Independence.



Eagle-shaped pectoral in gold ca. AD 600-1700,
Ipiales (Nariño), 15.1 x 16.2 cm. The inverted triangle represents positive and negative forces in nature.
Museo del Oro, Bogotá
(Banco de la República, Colombia)

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