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Volume 4, Number 4

October 2006

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> From Westmeath to Peru Full Circle: Memoirs of a Westmeath Missionary in Sicuani, Cuzco, by Desmond Kelleher

> Bernardo O'Higgins: The Rebel Son of a Viceroy, by Alfredo Sepúlveda

> Conquistadores, Soldiers and Entrepreneurs: Early Irish Presence in Chile, by Arturo Griffin

> ‘Foreigners of this Kind’: Chilean Refugees in Ireland, 1973-1990, by Claire Healy

> 'Sr. Hutchinson, otra vez, no dice V. nonsenses, no tonterrias': A Bigoted Response to Thomas J. Hutchinson's Two Years in Peru (1873), by Edmundo Murray

> From a Shipwreck to 'Macayadas': The Macays in Ecuador, by Carmen Dueñas de Anhalzer

> From Ireland to South America: A Story of Departures, Separations and Reunions, by Julia Boland and Marilyn Boland

> The Irish in the Peruvian Andes, by Rosario Sheen

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
Grace, William Russell (1832-1904), merchant, by Lawrence A. Clayton.
O'Gorman, Thomas (b.c.1760), merchant in Spain and South America, by Jerry W. Cooney.
Blest, Clotario (1899-1990), Catholic labour leader in Chile.
Hutchinson, Thomas Joseph (c.1802-1885), diplomat, physician and travel writer.
Leigh, Henry Hilton (d. 1910), landowner and pioneer cotton planter.
Mackenna, John (1771-1814), general in the Chilean war of independence.
O'Connor, Francisco Burdett [Frank] (1791-1871), officer in the Irish Legion of Simón Bolívar's army.
O'Higgins, Ambrose [Ambrosio] (c.1721-1801), governor and captain-general of Chile, later viceroy of Peru.
Payne, William Smith [Guillermo] (1870-1924), missionary in Argentina and Bolivia.
Vicuña Mackenna, Benjamín (1831-1886), Chilean writer, journalist and historian.
Wright, Thomas Charles James (1799-1868), officer in Simón Bolívar's army and founder of the Ecuadorian naval school.


Desmond Kelleher's mission in Sicuani, Cuzco

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