Irish Diaspora Studies in Argentina

Stream near Maguire railway station (Pergamino, Buenos Aires). In the 1920s, some of the landowners in this area included Geoghegan, Maguire, Daly, Beyrne, MacAllister, Scally, MacMahon, Murray, O'Farrell, Browne, Quinn, O'Riordon, and other Irish families.
(Edelberg 1922 cadastral maps of Pergamino and Bartolomé Mitre)


- The Irish Immigrants and Education, by María José Roger, MA History Thesis (Review)

- You May Die in Ireland, by Michael J. Geragthy (Full Story)

- The Irish Road to Argentina: Nineteenth-Century Travel Patterns from Ireland to the River Plate, by E. Murray (Full Story)

- The Irish Diaspora in Argentina, by Laura Izarra in: British Association for Irish Studies, Bulletin 32 (Review) 

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