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Volume 4, Number 1

January-February 2006

> The Irish in Uruguay and Paraguay

> Fernando O'Neill (1924-2005), revolutionary and historian of anarchism in Uruguay, by Carlos Caillabet

> Beauty and the Beast: A Beautiful Irish Courtesan and a Beastly Latin American Dictator, by Edmundo Murray

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":
Campbell, Peter (1780-c1832), naval officer and founder of the Uruguayan navy.
Gore, Robert (1810-1854), naval officer and diplomatist.
Lynch, Eliza (1835-1886), courtesan and unofficial first lady of Paraguay.
O'Leary, Juan Emiliano (1879-1969), poet and historian.


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Paolistas, Soldiers of the East Bank of the Plata.
These soldiers are represented at the door of a pulpería at Monte Video. One of them is taking matté [...], the leaf and fine shoots of a Paraguayan shrub, dried and coarsely pulverized, from which a beverage is made by putting a small quantity into a cup, and pouring hot water on it. [...] It is in use in every house all day long, and the compliment of the country is to hand the matté-cup to every visitor, the same cup and tube serving for all.
(E. Essex Vidal, "Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos Ayres and Monte Video etc.", London: R. Ackermann, 1820, p. 107)

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