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5 August
New ILARF grant recipents.  
25 June
Update in Mexico conference Schedule (English and Spanish). Update in home page.
30 May
Update in Mexico conference Schedule (Opening by organising committee, English and Spanish).
29 May
Update in Mexico conference Schedule (English and Spanish).
5 May
Added Schedule and new Presenters list to the Morelia conference pages. Included external links and communiqué in the Overview page (English and Spanish).
3 May
Call for contributions: IMSLA 7:3 (November 2009) 
1 May
Changes in: home, contact, about SILAS, and Executive Committe.
20 April
Addition in Announcements.
14 April
Corrections in IMSLA 7:1 (Cernadas & Barry, Silva Prada, Punte, Kennedy, Rodríguez, Sheringham, Escobar, Barnwell, Borreguero Beltrán, Murray, Adamoli & Eliggi).
9 April
New issue of Irish Migration Studies in Latin America (Vol. 7 N° 1).
27 March
New entries in Bibliography: Latin America (Kirby, Tatham), Iberia (Laspra, Téllez), Argentina (Cid, Kelly, Wallace, Warneford), Uruguay (Téllez), Caribbean (McGarrity), Peru (Lloyd, Clayton).
2 March
New entry in Iberia bibliography (McNally).
12 February
Launch of the Irish Latin American Research Fund programme. Correction on Mexico conference accommodation (Qualitel link).
9 February
Changes in the Mexico pages (new paper abstracts). Changed SILAS member fees in other currencies in the join now form (GBP, British Pounds).
2 February
SILAS elections for Executive Committee Members and Auditor at Members Only restricted pages (Members Only). Revision of the entry Santiago Shine (1862-1934), milk retailer. Added "Subscribe" in IMSLA main page. Changes in the Mexico conference pages.
26 January
Changed the ship photograph and caption in Mike Geraghty's article Argentina, Land of Broken Promises.
23 January
IMSLA Call for Contributions Vol. 7 N° 2 (July 2009): Literature, Arts and Culture. Changes in paper submission and registration deadlines for the Mexico conference.
14 January
New entries in Feedback.
12 January
Corrected year in the IMSLA cover of Vol. 4, N° 1.
9 January
Erratum added in IMSLA cover
5 January
Table of contents of Volume 6, Number 2 in IMSLA Archives corrected.

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