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The Irish in Latin America and Iberia
A Bibliography

By Edmundo Murray

Argentina 3

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Instituto Monseñor Dillon. The latest school founded by the 'Asociación Católica Irlandesa' in 1993. Website (http://www.monsdillon.com.ar/) accessed 23 September 2005.

Izarra, Laura, "The Irish Diaspora in Argentina" in British Association for Irish Studies, Bulletin 32 (October, 2002) pp. 5-9. This is one of the very few serious articles on Irish-Argentine literature. The author, Professor of Literature at the University of São Paulo, and Co-Editor of the Brazilian Journal of Irish Studies, analyses William Bulfin's works in the dual context of Irish-Argentine migration. 'Bulfin's stories reaffirm the triumph of the Irish over the indigenous: exiles are "Irish in thought, in sympathy, and in character" in a different society.' Bulfin, who was born in Co. Offaly and emigrated to Argentina in the 1880s, was influenced by the typical Irish nationalism of the time: 'historical recollections include victories and defeats of internal wars as well as a nationalist stance against English imperialist policy an cruelty.' Izarra recognises that 'not all diasporas translate a homing instinct with a wish to return to reform the "country of origin". Certainly Bulfin lived in South America for seventeen years and was committed to the long-term Irish community in Argentina; yet he continued to condemn emigration from Ireland.' 
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● Jessop, Violet, Titanic Survivor: The Newly Discovered Memoirs of Violet Jessop Who Survived Both the Titanic and Britannic Disasters. (New York: Sheridan House, 1997). Introduced, edited and annotated by the maritime historian John Maxtone-Graham. Violet's father William Jessop emigrated from Dublin to Argentina in the mid-1880s and shortly afterwards was followed by his fiancée Katherine Kelly. They married in Argentina and their first child Violet was born 2 October 1887. Chapters 1 to 5 give a good description of life in Argentina before the family moved to England after the death of William Jessop. Chapter 14 describes a visit to Buenos Aires by Violet when she was grown up.

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Kirby, Peadar, Ireland and Latin America, Links and Lessons (Dublin: Trócaire, 1992). A remarkable Irish reading of Latin America history, including  the 'Irish Emigration to Argentina' (pp. 104-110) and further diplomatic relations with the Republic of Ireland. 

Klappenbach, Jorge. Los O'Gorman (Author's edition, 1987). A nine-page account in Spanish about the O'Gorman family in Argentina, from the arrival of Thomas O'Gorman (b.1749) to the latest members. It includes transcriptions of church records and wills, as well as architectonical details of the family residences. The O'Gorman arms is prominently shown in the upper floor and certain doors and windows of the house of Tucumán between Callao and Río Bamba (city of Buenos Aires).
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Landaburu, Roberto E., Irlandeses en la Pampa Gringa: curas y ovejeros (Buenos Aires: Corregidor, 2006), 381 pp. A complete work of local and oral history, with extracts of interviews with ranch hands and other labourers and landowners in the area of Venado Tuerto. The role of the Irish chaplains in the formation of an Irish community. Irish names in 1887 census (province of Santa Fe), as well as births, marriage and death records in the local Catholic parish.

Landaburu, Roberto E., Irlandeses: Eduardo Casey, Vida y Obra (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe: Fondo Editorial Mutual Venado Tuerto, 1995). Mainly dedicated to the life and works of the Irish-Argentine Eduardo Casey, founder of Venado Tuerto city in Santa Fe, and his tragic death. It also includes stories about many Irish gauchos and first settlers in this part of the pampas. 220 pages.

Luna, Félix (ed.), Camila O'Gorman (Buenos Aires: Planeta, 1999).

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