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The Irish in Latin America and Iberia
A Bibliography

By Edmundo Murray

Argentina 6

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Sabato, Hilda & Juan Carlos Korol, Cómo fue la Inmigración Irlandesa en Argentina (Buenos Aires: Editorial Plus Ultra, 1981). It is the most important scholarly essay on the Irish emigration to Argentina written in Spanish. Using unique sources and documents, and from the perspective of economic history, the authors establish a pattern of the Irish immigration, including fine analysis of its social and economic life. The controversial number of immigrants provided by Sabato & Korol ('between 10,500 and 11,500 settlers' during the nineteenth century) was disputed by authors with questionable Spanish reading skills. Perhaps this number is too low because it was taken from Coghlan's records of settled immigrants (i.e., those who were included in the censuses 1869 and 1895), excluding re-emigrants to the US, Australia, and Ireland. However, Sábato & Korol present solid arguments and calculations to support their estimate (Appendix I). Anyway, the importance of the number of immigrants seems to be more political than anything else: some of the Irish-Argentine leaders thought that a larger number of immigrants would be a valid argument to attract the attention of both Argentine and Irish authorities. In 1977, a preliminary version of this study was presented by Hilda Sábato, to the Latin American History Seminar, organised by Prof. John Lynch at the Institute of Latin American Studies of the University of London. The introduction and chapter 5 have been translated into English. [document]

San Patricio 2002 en Rosario. The official page of the 'Asociación Católica San Patricio' in Rosario, the most important city in Santa Fe province, Argentina. This city is close to Arroyo Seco town, which was an Irish settlement by the end of the 1880's. [website]

Seisdedos, Gabriel, El Honor de Dios (Buenos Aires: Ediciones Paulinas, 1986). Covers the Massacre at St. Patrick's church on 4 July 1976.

Selva, José Fernando, Inmigrantes Irlandeses in: Doloresonline [document]

Share, Bernard, Tan gaucho como los Gauchos: The Irish in Argentina, in: CARA (Aer Lingus magazine), Vol. 16, No. 5 (September/October 1983). 

Skehan, Gerard, Limerick's Own Exile J.J. Scanlan Helped the Greening of Argentina, in: The Limerick Leader (29 March 2003) [document]
Spinetto, Horacio J. Redescubriendo Buenos Aires: Presencia irlandesa en calles, plazas e iglesias porteñas, in 'Todo es Historia' (Buenos Aires), Vol. 39, Number 471 (October 2006), pp. 30-31.
St. Brendan's College. Founded in 1966 by John Joseph Scanlan and Nelly Durand de Scanlan. [website]
Taurozzi, Susana, Los Pasionistas en Argentina y Uruguay: Cien años de historia (Buenos Aires: Misioneros Pasionistas, 2006). Review by Edward Walsh and author's reply in Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, 5:2 (July 2007), pp. 135-136. [document]
Taurozzi, Susana, Tierra y religión: Las misiones en las estancias irlandesas, in 'Todo es Historia' (Buenos Aires), Vol. 39, Number 471 (October 2006), pp. 32-38.
Terrén, Héctor Raúl. “El Centenario de la Capilla de Azcuénaga: La obra de los irlandeses” in The Southern Cross 132:5927 (August 2007), 5.

The Longford Westmeath Argentina Society was set up in 1989 to foster relations and create a greater awareness of the links between the two countries. It holds lectures, social events and outings, as well as offering a point of contact for Argentine visitors to Ireland and advice and contacts for local people making the trip to Argentina. [website]

The Buenos Aires Standard, published weekly, later daily, from 1861 to 1959, and founded by brothers Michael George Mulhall (1836-1900) and Edward Thomas Mulhall (1832-1899). It was aimed at the 'English, Irish, Scottish an American [who] acknowledge one mother tongue,' a 'fellowship between the various members of our Anglo-Celtic race' (1 May 1861 first editorial, cited by Marshall, Oliver, The English-Language Press in Latin America, Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London, 1996). According to O. Marshall, in 1869, 'the paper claimed a circulation of 3,000 (by comparison, Tribuna, the largest in Buenos Aires at the time, had a circulation of 5,000), [and] it covered Argentine economic, political, cultural and social affairs - concentrating when possible, on British community connections, as well as foreign news coverage.' One of its important contributions was the daily lists of arrivals, later used by Coghlan to bring together his tables of Irish immigrants (1863-1880). During 98 years, The Standard was one of the primary sources of information for the English speakers in the area. However, it was not 'the first English language paper' in Argentina or even in South America, as it is widely claimed (cf. Patrick Nally, Brian MacGinn, Guillermo MacLoughlin, or Thomas F. Meehan). For instance, in 1826, Thomas Love George introduced The British Packet and Argentine News, which was published until September, 1859. In Argentina, the complete collection of The Standard in 330 volumes (1861-1959) is held by the Max von Buch Library at the Universidad de San Andrés. In England, The Standard's issues from 1870 to 1952 can be consulted on microfilm in The British Library, Newspapers Division. 

The Southern Cross. Irish-Argentine newspaper founded in 1875 by Dean Patrick Joseph Dillon, published in English and after the 1960's in both English and Spanish. Issues from January 1875 through December 1995 available on microfilm (Latin American Microfilm Project, Harvard College Library, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138, USA). [website]

The Southern Cross, Special Golden Jubilee Number 1875-1925 (Buenos Aires, 28 August 1925). Special edition.

The Southern Cross, Número del Centenario (Buenos Aires, 1975). Special edition, including several articles about the history of Irish settlers and institutions in Argentina. The following is a complete table of contents of this interesting edition. [document].

The Southern Cross, Número del 125 Aniversario (Buenos Aires, 2000). Special edition.

Unknown, Irish-Argentinians trace their roots to the midlands in: The Irish Times (5 August 1999) [document]

Unknown, The Gaucho Irish (1979), documentary film produced by Radharc and aired by RTÉ on 15 November 1979. Duration: 26.55. 'Most of the emigrants to Argentina from Ireland in the last century were natives of Wexford or Meath. When they came to Buenos Aires, the influential chaplain to the Irish community encouraged them to get out of Buenos Aires and get into land up country' (from Radharc website, cited 30 July 2007).
Ussher, Miguel Santiago. La República de Irlanda reconocida formalmente por el intendente de Laprida in: 'The Southern Cross' 131: 5917 (October 2006), p. 12.

Ussher, James M., Irish immigrants in Argentina, in: Irish Ecclesiastical Records (Dublin), 5th Ser., Vol. LXX, p. 385.

Ussher, Santiago M, Father Fahy: a Biography of Anthony Dominic Fahy, O.P., Irish Missionary in Argentina 1805-1871 (Buenos Aires, 1951). A chronology of Fr. Fahy's life has been written based on Ussher's book. [document]

Ussher, Santiago M., Los Capellanes Irlandeses en la Colectividad Hiberno-argentina Durante el Siglo XIX (Buenos Aires, 1954). 

Ussher, Santiago M., Las Hermanas de la Misericordia 1856-1956 (Buenos Aires, 1955). 

Veash, Nicole, Argentina's Irish discover the old country (The Irish Times, July 13, 2000) [document]

Vale, Brian, A War Betwixt Englishmen: Brazil Against Argentina On The River Plate, 1825-1830 (London: Tauris, 1999). There is a translation into Spanish by Instituto de Publicaciones Navales (Buenos Aires, 2005). The book chronicles the fight over control of the River Plate between the two countries, in a war that was the origin of Uruguay as an independent country. The author, who served as British Council representative in Latin America, conducted extensive research in British, Argentine and Brazilian archives. New perspectives on the Argentine navy's commander, William Brown, who according to the author achieved vast fame in this war but his exploits were counterbalanced by his weaknesses, especially his tendency to run unnecessary risks and his habit of constantly finding flaws in his staff. Many other Irish, British and Scottish fought in both sides of the war. A passage mentions Col. Cotter's recruitment efforts in Cork to fight for Brazil.
Vicuña Mackenna, Benjamin, El general O'Brien (Santiago: Guillermo E. Miranda, 1902). Life of John Thomond O'Brien.
Villanova, Jorge G. 'El día que en Entre Ríos se corrió el velo de la historia para los hermanos Kennedy del sur' in El Miércoles (Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Ríos), January 2007. [website]

Wall, Graeme and Jeremy Howat, The Yellow Fever Outbreak of 1871 [website]. An outstanding documentary chronicle of the epidemic that broke out in early 1871 in Buenos Aires, with devastating effects for the poorest members of the English-speaking communities. The Death Roll [website] includes (among other British citizens of Irish origin), the death of Rev Anthony D. Fahy, from Galway, one of the most important Irish-Argentine community leaders.

Wallace, José Brendan. Venado Tuerto: 1884-1924, Vida y costumbres de principios de siglo. Extractos del libro del Capitán John Macnie ''Work and play in Argentine'' (Rosario, Santa Fe, Editorial Ciudad Gótica, 2007). 
Wallace, José Brendan, "Las reinas de James O'Dwyer" in The Southern Cross 134:5945 (February 2009), p. 16.
Wallace, José Brendan, Eduardo Casey: perfil de un adelantado in 'Irlandeses' website, http://www.irlandeses.com.ar, cited 13 January 2005.
Walsh, Edward. "Lawrence Kirwan's Baptism List" in The Falkland Islands Journal, 9 (2008), part 2, pp. 101-106.
Walsh, Edward. "The Archive of St. Mary's, Stanley, Falkland Islands" in Catholic Archives (London), 2007 N° 27, pp. 36-53. Includes an extensive description of the archive's documents and collections, as well as unpublished photographs of Fr. James Foran and the original (1873) Catholic Church at Pump Green that was latter relocated to its present location at Ross Road.
Walsh, Edward, 'Father William Mason Walsh and Governor D'Arcy 1871-6' in Collectanea Hibernica: Sources for Irish History N° 48 (2006), pp. 205-233. Includes a collection of twenty-five letters and documents that the author has researched in various archives in Ireland, England and the Falkland Islands. 
Walsh, Edward, A Cork Harbour Pilot in Bahía Blanca in: 'Irish Migration Studies in Latin America' (May 2004) [document]
Walsh, Edward, St Patrick's Day, Buenos Aires, 1905 in: 'Irish Migration Studies in Latin America' (March 2004) [document]
Walsh, Edward, Documents and Correspondence concerning and from James Foran, Irish priest and chaplain in the Falkland Islands 1876-86 in: 'Collectanea Hibernica', 2005, pp. 241-274. Unique collection of letters published for the first time about the life of Fr. Foran in Falkland Islands.
Walsh, Edward, The Bradys of Giles, Areco and Westmeath in: 'Irish Migration Studies in South America' (September 2004) [document]
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Warneford-Thomson, Hugh. The British Hospital of Buenos Aires: A History 1844-2000 (Buenos Aires: L.O.L.A. Literature of Latin America, 2001). Including a number of Irish physicians, nurses and supporters.

White, Arden C., Irish Immigration to Argentina: An Historical Focus, in: The Irish at Home and Abroad (Salt Lake City, Utah) Vol. 4, No. 3 (3rd Quarter 1997), pp. 133-134. 

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White, Arden C., Argentina Church and Cemetery Records for Researching Irish Immigrants, in: The Irish at Home and Abroad (Salt Lake City, Utah) Vol. 6, No. 4 (4th Quarter 1999), p. 187. How to search Catholic and Protestant records in 29 Irish settlements in Buenos Aires city and province. 

Winn, Jasper, Into the Unknown - The Irish in Argentina, in: 'The World of Hibernia' Vol. 7 N° 3 - Winter 2001 (Dublin, 2001), pp. 34-46. A rather superficial article by a well-known travel journalist.

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