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  The Irish in Latin American Politics, 
Government and Diplomacy

Guest Editors: Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías and Carolina Barry


The Argentine countryside strike of 2008. Demonstration at roundabout linking national routes Nº 8 and Nº 33, Venado Tuerto, 15 May 2008
(Archivo Sociedad Rural de Venado Tuerto)

The Irish in Latin American Politics, Government and Diplomacy, by Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías and Carolina Barry

Irish News in the New Spanish Kingdoms: the Circulation of Political Information about William Lamport and Diego Nugent, 1642-1667, by Natalia Silva Prada

Arthur Griffith and Patrick McManus, by Rebecca Geraghty

The Irish Struggle for Freedom as Seen from the Pampas: The formation of the Irish Free State and the Perception of the Irish-Argentine Community (1916-1922), by Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías

Sean Lester, Ireland and Latin America in the League of Nations, 1929-1946, by Yannick Wehrli 

Irish Diplomacy in Argentina, by Maria Eugenia Cruset

‘I am an Argentine’: Irish Catholics in Buenos Aires, 1906-1913, by Brad Lange

Damned Irishman: John William Cooke, by María José Punte

The Argentine Countryside Strike of 2008: The Success of a ‘Large Interest Group’ and the Irish-Argentine Dimension, by John Kennedy

Madden and the Abolition of Slavery in Cuba, by José Antonio Quintana García

Under Three Flags: the Diplomatic Career of Daniel Florence O'Leary, by Moisés Enrique Rodríguez

Ethnic Identity and Integration among Brazilians in Gort, Ireland, by Olivia Sheringham

Santiago FitzSimon: Promoting technical education in Argentina, by Nancy R. Escobar

Review of Enrique García Hernán and Óscar Recio Morales's (eds.) Extranjeros en el Ejército: Militares irlandeses en la sociedad española, 1580-1818, by David Barnwell, and Author's Reply

Review of Lourdes De Ita Rubio's Viajeros Isabelinos en la Nueva España, by Cristina Borreguero Beltrán, and Author's Reply

Review of Jean Ziegler's La haine de l'Occident, by Edmundo Murray, and Author's Reply

Review of James P. Byrne, Philip Coleman and Jason King's (eds.) Ireland and the Americas: Culture, Politics and History, by María Graciela Adamoli and María Graciela Eliggi, and Author's Reply


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