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11 December
Update in Mexico bibliography (Fogarty x 3), Argentina bibliography (Arguindeguy, Aguinis).
6 December
Update in Uruguay and Paraguay bibliography (Díaz and ICF).
4 December
Update in Eamon Bulfin's biography (text changes).
29 November
Update in Eamon Bulfin's biography (photo and text changes).
28 November
New entry in Announcements.
20 November
New reference in J.W. Cooke's biography (Lindner).
15 November
Update in Argentina bibliography (Murray). Update in Feedback.
14 November
Update in bibliographies: Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru (Boland, Clayton, Dueñas, Griffin, Healy, Kelleher, Murray, Sepúlveda, Sheen) - Argentina (Cooney, Hanon) - Venezuela, Colombia (Rodriguez).
9 November
Update in Argentina bibliography (Delaney, Spinetto, Taurozzi).
1 November
Update in Argentina bibliography (Burlando).
31 October
Update in Argentina bibliography (Doherty).
30 October
Update in Feedback.
25 October
Updates in Announcements. New bio: Arthur Sandes.
13 October
Changes in Contacts. Addition in Argentina Bibliography (Hearn).
12 October
Addition in Links. Additions in Argentina Bibliography (Barry, Ussher, Rizzo).
9 October
New issue, 4:4 (October 2006).
29 September
Addition in Argentina bibliography (O'Connor). Updates in Announcements.
19 September
Change in bios (Gannon).
12 September
Change in bios (Hutchinson).
11 September
Addition in Bibliography - Argentina (Muleiro 2006).
6 September
Changes in team.htm (Murray).
5 September
New entry in Bibliography: Caribbean (Thompson 2006). Changes in Join Now and Contact. Change in Edelmiro Farrell biography.
1 September
Vol 4:4 cover. Kelleher on Sicuani, Cuzco.
31 August
New bio: Hutchinson, Thomas Joseph. Article Murray on Hutchinson. 
24 August
New entry in Paraguay, Uruguay bibliography (Velilla 1962).
22 August
New entry in Links (Señoras de San José). New entries in Argentina bibliography (Palleiro, Raspo).
21 August
New entry in Announcements (book launch).
18 August
Review of Maxine Hanon's Diccionario de Británicos en Buenos Aires.
15 August
Changes in Karen Racine's review of Enrique Rodriguez 'Freedom's Mercenaries' (Author's Reply). Addition in Links (Fahy Club).
14 August
Changes in Patrick McManus's biography. Addition in Argentina bibliography: Healy 2005.
10 August
Additions in Feedback.
9 August
New biographies: Henry Hilton Leigh, John Mackenna, Francis Burdett O'Connor, Ambrosio O'Higgins, William Payne, Benjamín Vicuña Mackenna, Thomas Charles Wright. New book review: Karen Racine on Enrique Rodríguez. Change in Links: Foxford Admiral Brown Society (new url). Change in Michael Mulhall biography (likeness).
8 August
Change in Argentina bibliography (McKenna 1994).
7 August
Additions in bibliographies: Latin America: Harris 2006, Argentina: Landaburu 2006.
2 August
New entries in Feedback. Additions in bibliographies: new thematic bibliography, William Brown (1777-1857). Latin America: Gillissen 1998, Miller 1983, Canning 1971. Mexico: Lavelle 1995, Nelson 1994, Joyal 1992, Glover 1990, Sullivan 1999, Denis 1996. Brazil: Comerford 1999, Ó Síocháin 1994. Central America: Kiely 1999. Bolivia/Chile/Ecuador/Peru: Conroy 1997, Sloan 1996-7, Larena Quijada 1995, O'Connor 1994, Mathewson 1989, Wright 1949. Argentina: De Courcy Ireland 2001, Moorhead 2000, McGinn 1999, Geary 1998, Geary 1997, Bergin 1998, Walsh 1999. Colombia/Venezuela: Lambert 1976. Caribbean: De Verteuil 1986, O'Grady 1995, Flatman 1993, Senior 1986, Murray 1972, Williams 1932, Brown 2002, Nelson 2001, Nelson 1995, McGinn 1999, Durey 2002, Mackenzie 1997, Taylor 1985, Messenger 1967, James 1963, Gwynn 1932, English 1930. Spain/Portugal (colonial empires): Voltes 1959, Esdaile 1992, Keaveney 1989, O'Connell 2001, Fenning 2000, Fenning 1990, De Courcy Ireland 1989, Kelly 1990, Lammond 1986, Trench 1981, Vatcher 1971, MacCurtain 1967, O'Boyle 1935.
27 July
Additions in Feedback.
19 July
Corrected links in Reviews: Books and Resources (0607reviews.htm). 
17 July
Changes on Announcements.
11 July
Changes on Feedback.
10 July
Cover: call for contributions. Guillermo MacLoughlin's photo in team.htm. Chilean embassy in Dublin to Links, Comunidad Chileno Irlandesa out (link.htm).
8 July
Changes in Vale Brian "English and Irish Naval Officers..." (subtitles of second and other pages). Announcement: First Symposium of Irish Studies in South America. Print files and launch of 4:3 edition.
6 July
Changes in Izarra's "Reinventing" and Horan's "Phil Lynott". New page: website review (Links Between Ireland and Brazil). Changes on 4:3 cover. Addition of 4:2 to Archives.
5 July
Changes in Announcements (conference.htm), Izarra's "Reinventing". New: Website Review (Links Between Brazil and Ireland). New page for Reviews. Review by José C. Moya. New page: Harris on Casement in Brazil.
4 July
Changes in Claire Healy's "Carnaval do Galway", Laura Izarra's "Reinventing Brazil", Oliver Marshall's "Petition to Pope Pius the Ninth", Rosa Gonzalez's review of Munira Mutran and Laura Izarra.
3 July
Grant Recipients (corrections). Announcements (uddate). New: call for papers for SILAS conference, Galway 2007. Cover of 4:3 (changes). Executive Committee members (team.htm) pictures added and corrections.
23 June
Grant Recipients (corrections). Addition of SILAS General Meeting minutes in the restricted area. Changes in Books Received. Addition in Brazil bibliography (Harris). Addition in Latin America bibligraphy (Murray). Changes in About the Society (new Executive Committee members).
22 June 2006
Grant Recipients.

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