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Grant Recipients



Fina Carpena-Méndez (University College Cork, National University of Ireland), Euro 1,000. The Migrant Self in Uncertain Times: Latin Americans in Post-Celtic Tiger Ireland. 'The project has relevance, clarity of aims and will be an important contribution for migration studies' (Munira Mutran). (Download application
Patricia Novillo-Corvalán (Birkbeck College, University of London), Euro 1000. The Politics of Performing Beckett in Argentina. 'A very promising and ambitious project by a productive scholar. It will allow a new reading of the impact of Beckett’s dramatic works during Argentina's troubled decades, with well chosen sources.' (Aline Helg). (Download application

Félix Flores Varona (independent scholar, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba), Euro 300. The Cuban Translations of Thomas Moore. 'A most interesting proposal and really quite original. The methodology for translation it proposes to develop would be really innovative. Over and beyond the intrinsic merit of the topic (Moore and Cuba) there is a real methodological sophistication to this proposal. It is also most impressively conceptualised.' (Ronaldo Munck). (Download application

Patricia de Aquino Prudente (University of São Paulo), Euro 200. Nationalism in William Bulfin's Epistolary and Journalistic Discourse (1896-1906).'On the interface between social sciences and cultural studies, this is a most interesting proposal.' (Ronaldo Munck). (Download application
Margaret Brehony (National University of Ireland, Galway), 2008 (Euro 1,000). Irish Migration to Cuba 1835-1844. 'This well-designed project investigating a relatively unknown group of Irish labourers in Cuba has the potential to contribute significantly to debates on issues of colonialism, class and race in connection with the Irish in Latin America' (Selection Committee). (Download application
Garret Maher (National University of Ireland, Galway), 2008 (Euro 800). Brazilians in Gort and Roscommon.'The Brazilian community in Ireland has been the subject of much comment but little deep analysis. This project seeks to provide a scholarly analysis of the topical question of Brazilian integration in Irish society, but it also addresses the often overlooked impact of remittances on their home communities' (Selection Committee). (Download application)
Gabriela McEvoy (University of California, San Diego), 2008 (Euro 800). La utopía irlandesa en el lejano Perú.'This innovative project focusing on the collective memory of the Irish in Peru has important implications for our understanding of race and class issues in the Irish Peruvian community' (Selection Committee)." Aprovecho esta oportunidad para agradecer a los miembros del comité de SILAS por haberme dado la oportunidad de iniciar la investigación de la inmigración irlandesa en el Perú, tema que considero crucial tanto por la escasa bibliografía escrita sobre este grupo de inmigrantes en el Perú como por su contribución en el conocimiento y divulgación de los lazos socio-culturales entre el Perú e Irlanda." (Download application)
Bertie Mandelblatt (Université de Montréal), 2008 (Euro 800). Between Cork and Cap Français: Cork Production Histories of Le boeuf salé d'Irlande, 1650-1789.'Focusing on Cork salt beef production, this project should provide significant new insights into the development of trading links between Cork and the French Caribbean, and points to interesting questions on the nature of contacts between the two areas' (Selection Committee). (Download application)
Matthew Brown (University of Bristol, UK), 2007 (EUR 1,000). Daniel O'Leary and José María Córdoba, 1828-1829. "I am enormously grateful for this grant which will enable me to consult local archives in Colombia for my research. The considerable archival resources in Colombia mean that there is plenty of scope for more research on the Irish there. The generosity of SILAS members and donors means that I can try to get to the bottom of some complex and confusing questions regarding the role of the Irish in Colombia in the first decades after Independence" (Download application)
José Antonio Quintana García (Universidad de Ciego de Ávila, Cuba), 2007 (EUR 700). James O'Kelly y Cuba: historias cruzadas (1868-1898). "Estoy muy feliz con la obtención de la beca, pues me posibilitará consultar diarios de campaña, memorias de la guerra, la prensa española y de los insurrectos, entre otras fuentes que se hallan en el Archivo Nacional de Cuba y la Biblioteca Nacional José Martí. Así podré contribuir, mediante un acercamiento a la vida y obra de James O'Kelly, a los estudios del elemento irlandés en la formación de la nación cubana. Agradezco la generosidad de los integrantes de SILAS." (Download application)
Andrés Bisso and Paula Migo (Universidad de La Plata, Buenos Aires), 2006 (EUR 1,000). Los procesos de construcción de la identidad en las asociaciones irlandesas de la Provincia de Buenos Aires durante el siglo XX. "We are very glad to have been selected for a research grant. This will facilitate our research possibilities in an underdeveloped field of Argentinean history. We are sincerely grateful to SILAS for this opportunity. Thank you very much!" (Download Application)
Igor Pérez Tostado (Universidad Pablo de Olavide, Seville), 2006 (EUR 1,000). The Irish Experience in the Spanish Caribbean Frontier: migration, identity formation and political participation in the island of Hispaniola (c.1640-1660). "I am very grateful to SILAS members and friends for their work supporting research related to the history of Ireland and Latin America. In my case, this financial assistance will be very valuable in allowing me to directly research original sources in the Caribbean region and complete the information I am collecting from European repositories. I hope to repay SILAS's generosity with the results of the research." (Download Application)
Fiona Clark (Queen's University Belfast), 2006 (EUR 700). Daniel O'Sullivan: an Irish military physician in the Spanish colonial world (late eighteenth century). "I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the provision of this valuable financial assistance for researchers in Latin American and Irish history. The funding will enable me to travel to Mexico to undertake an extensive period of research in the archives, investigating an as yet much unstudied area of trans-Atlantic medical history. I am very grateful for this opportunity and look forward to sharing the end results of project." (Download Application)
Jorge Chinea (Wayne State University, USA), 2005 (EUR 1,000). Jaime O'Daly: Enlightened Planter-Administrator in Late Bourbon Puerto Rico, 1776-1826. (Download Application)
Karen Racine (University of Guelph, Canada), 2005 (EUR 800). Recruitment in Ireland for the Spanish American Independence Armies, 1814-1824. "I am very grateful for the material and intellectual support that SILAS had given to my research. I will be travelling to Dublin in May to conduct two weeks of research in various libraries and archives there and look forward to sharing the results with you when I am done. I appreciate the generosity of the many donors who have made this trip possible, and to SILAS for building such an energetic and enthusiastic international community. Thank you." (Download Application)
Ryan Crewe (Yale University, USA), 2005 (EUR 800). An Irish 'Emperor of Mexico': The Exile and Rebellion of William Lamport, Don Guillén Lombardo, 1611-1659. (Download Application)
Claire Healy (National University of Ireland, Galway), 2004 (EUR 600), Irish Migration to Argentina: Interaction between African, Indigenous and Irish People in Buenos Aires, 1776-1892. "I am extremely happy with all the work I have done here [Buenos Aires]; I think I have found some really interesting material and I have tonnes of ideas waiting to get down on paper. I wanted to thank you again, and the IAHS, and all the donors, for the grant, it really helped a lot and I have had a thoroughly successful trip." (Download Application)


Jorge Cernadas Fonsalías (Universidad de Buenos Aires), 2004 (EUR 400), Relations Between the Irish Nationalist Movement and the Irish settlers in Argentina, 1916-1922. "I really appreciated the opportunity provided by the IAHS members. I am very happy to undertake a research on a topic frequently neglected by academia here in Argentina, and I hope that with my work I will be able to contribute with the Irish Argentine community. Thanks again." (Download Application)


Helen Kelly (Trinity College, Dublin), 2004 (EUR 400), An Historical Analysis of the Irish Community in Argentina from 1830s to the Turn of the Century. "I would like to thank all the members of the IAHS who kindly contributed to the fund and who have provided such valuable financial assistance to recipients. Research into Irish settlement patterns in Latin America is much needed and will stimulate debate in associated academic fields. I am most grateful for the opportunities afforded me as a result of IAHS funding, and look forward to sharing the results of my own research with the society's members." (Download Application)


Maria Jose Roger and Lorena Kijora (Universidad Católica Argentina), 2004 (EUR 300), The Irish Argentines during the Violent Years, 1976-1983. The Role of the Irish-Argentine Institutions and Individuals during the Last Military Dictatorship in Argentina.


Carla Horton (Universidad de Buenos Aires), 2004 (EUR 200), 'En Defensa de los Valores de la Raza Irlandesa.' El Padre Federico Richards y el Southern Cross ante el Proceso de Reorganización Nacional, 1976-1978.'




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