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The Missionary Experience in Ireland, Latin America and the

Caribbean: Connections, Influences, and Reflections

Editor: Clíona Murphy, California State University Bakersfield.


Editorial Team 
Clíona Murphy, Editor-in-Chief
John Kennedy, Editorial Consultant
Rubén Héctor Robledo Molloy,  Production Editor


Associate Editors

Dennise Bentle, Michael Gutierrez, Matthew McCoy


Book Review Editor

Carolina Amador Moreno

"Colonial Jesuit mission in Cordoba, Argentina" (John Kennedy Collection)


Introduction Clíona Murphy 

A Historical Survey of Irish Missionary Activity in Latin America  Séamus O'Fógartaigh 

The Activity of Irish Priests in the West Indies: 1638-1669 Matteo Binasco

Susan Beamish-Strachan: From Cork to Costa Rica (1874-1950) Conrad Hicks

Mission in Pinochet's Chile: A Memoir Alo Connaughton

The "Assassinated" Voice of the Pallotines (Buenos Aires, 1976) Pablo Cid

Non-thematic article

Irish Immigrants in Peru in the Nineteenth Century by Gabriela McEvoy 

Book Reviews

Mario Vargas Llosa, El Sueño del Celta, by David Barnwell





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