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Literature, Art and Culture

Guest Editors: Laura Izarra and Patricia Novillo-Corvalán


Mario Vargas Llosa at the monument inside McKenna's Fort near Banna
Strand in Co. Kerry, where Roger Casement was captured on 21 April 1916.
(Photograph taken by Angus Mitchell)

Literary Connections between Ireland and Latin America, by Laura Izarra and Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

Interview with Mario Vargas Llosa, by Angus Mitchell

Interview with Marina Carr, by Patricia Novillo-Corvalán

Interview with Larry O'Loughlin, by Laura Izarra

Joycean Aesthetics in Spanish Literature, by Marisol Morales Ladrón

Joyce’s Ulysses in Argentine Literature, by Carlos Gamerro

Baroque Historiographies: Joyce, Faulkner, and García Márquez, by Diana Pérez García

Two Contemporary Medeas, by Zoraide Rodriguez Carrasco de Mesquita

The Transfiguration of History: Knowledge, Time and Space in Northern Irish Poetry, by Viviane C. Annunciação

An Exile Guidebook for All: The Reception of William Bulfin’s Rambles in Eirinn in Ireland: 1902, by Rebecca Geraghty and Patrick Geraghty

Interpreting History in Eduardo Cormick's Entre Gringos y Criollos by Andrés Romera

Henry Sheridan and the Beginnings of Argentine Art by Mariano Galazzi

Una poca de gracia: Irish Music in Latin America by Edmundo Murray

From Cuyo to the Seaboard: Irish Roots in Popular Argentine Music, by Eduardo Cormick

Beneath the Hieroglyph: Recontextualising the Black Diaries of Roger Casement, by Angus Mitchell

Review of David Lloyd's Irish Times,Temporalities of Modernity by Viviane Carvalho da Annunciação, and Author's Reply

Review of Maria McGarrity’s Washed by the Gulf Stream. The Historic and Geographic Relation of Irish and Caribbean Literature, by Mariana Bolfarine

Review of Matthew Brown’s (ed.) Informal Empire in Latin America. Culture, Commerce and Capital, by Enrique Alejandro Basabe and Author's Reply

Review of Mícheál de Barra’s Gaeil i dTír na nGauchos (Irish People in the Land of the Gauchos), by Eoghan Mac Aogáin , and Author's Reply

Review of James Monaghan’s Colombia Jail Journal, by Peter Hart and Author's Reply

Review of Helen Kelly’s Irish ‘Ingleses’. The Irish Immigrant Experience in Argentina 1840-1920, by Claire Healy

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Irish Migration Studies in Latin America (Vol. 8, Number 1 - March 2010)

The Irish dimension to Human Rights in Latin America

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