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  Guest Editor: Jorge L. Chinea


Christmas Carnival in Montserrat
(Jonathan Skinner, 2000)

> Ireland and the Caribbean, by Jorge L. Chinea.

> The Irish in the Caribbean 1641-1837: An Overview, by Nini Rodgers.

> Literary Migrations: Homer’s Journey through Joyce’s Ireland and Walcott’s Saint Lucia, by Patricia Novillo-Corvalán. 

> An Alternative View to the Propaganda: The Irish-American Press and the Spanish-American War, Eileen Anderson.

> Irish Indentured Servants, Papists and Colonists in Spanish Colonial Puerto Rico, ca. 1650-1800, by Jorge L. Chinea.

> Irish Railroad Workers in Cuba: Towards a Research Agenda, by Margaret Brehony.

> The Irish Presence in the History and Place Names of Cuba, by Rafael Fernández Moya.

> Liberty’s Call: Richard Robert Madden’s Voice in the Anti-Slavery Movement (1833-1842), by Gera Burton.

> Beyond Kinship: A Study of the Eighteenth-century Irish Community at Saint Croix, Danish West Indies, by Orla Power.

> Banished by Cromwell? John Hooke and the Caribbean, by Thomas Byrne.

> John Dynamite: Marine Mambí, by José Antonio Quintana.

> ‘I arise and go with William Butler Yeats…’: Cultural Dovetailing in Lorna Goodison’s Country Sligoville, by Lamia Tewfik.

> A Taste of My Life: Texts and Poems, by Carlota Caulfield.

> Review of Jonathan Skinner's Before the Volcano. Reverberations of Identity on Montserrat, by Cielo G. Festino, and Author's Reply.

> Review of Nini Rodgers's Ireland, Slavery and Anti-Slavery, by Gera Burton, and Author's Reply.

> Review of Matthew Brown’s Adventuring through Spanish Colonies: Simón Bolívar, Foreign Mercenaries, and the Birth of New Nations, by Karen Racine, and Author's Reply.

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