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- Global Gazetteer Version 2.1. [website]
- Breve Historia de los Municipios de la Provincia de Buenos Aires. [website]
- Howat, Jeremy, Foreigners resident in Buenos Aires and the province in 1863 by town. [website]
- Map of the Northwestern Buenos Aires province, including 'The Seven Parishes' (Mercedes, Suipacha, Carmen de Areco, Capilla del Señor, Luján, San Andrés de Giles and Rojas) and other frequent Irish settlements in the 19th C. Compiled from [document]
- Noroeste Bonaerense [website]

Cavanagh (Córdoba)
- Ortigüela, Raúl, Raíces Celtas: Los Cavanagh (Venado Tuerto, 1994). Life of Edward Cavanagh, founder of the Cavanagh town in Córdoba. In the 1880’s, many Irish immigrants settled in the ‘pampa gringa’ (south of Santa Fe and Córdoba provinces). One of them, Edward Cavanagh, who arrived in 1851 from Ireland, established large estancias in the area and founded a family of famous cattle men and polo players.

Dolores (Buenos Aires)

- Selva, José Fernando, Inmigrantes Irlandeses in: Doloresonline [document]

Murphy (Santa Fe)
- Ortigüela, Raúl, Murphy en Tierras Benditas (Venado Tuerto, 1991). A chronicle of the founding and development of the small Murphy train station and town, 18 km off Venado Tuerto. Life and family of John James Murphy, from Kilrane, Co. Wexford, first settlers and evictions of Italian tenants by Murphy’s descendants.
- Murray, Edmundo, Irish Place Names and Landmarks in Argentina: Murphy, Santa Fe in: The Southern Cross 127 N° 5860 (Buenos Aires, January 2002) 

Rosario (Santa Fe)
- San Patricio 2002 en Rosario. The official page of the 'Asociación Católica San Patricio' in Rosario, the most important city in Santa Fe province, Argentina. This city is close to Arroyo Seco town, which was an Irish settlement by the end of the 1880's. [website]

San Andrés de Giles (Buenos Aires)
- García, Secundino N. & Héctor R. Terrén, Nomenclatura de las Calles del Partido de San Andrés de Giles (S.A. de Giles, 2001)
- García, Secundino Néstor, Historia de San Andrés de Giles Desde sus Orígenes hasta 1930 (S.A. de Giles, 1986)
- Terrén, Héctor Raúl, De Postas, Caminos y Pulperías (S.A. de Giles, 2000)

Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe)
- Landaburu, Roberto E., Irlandeses: Eduardo Casey, Vida y Obra (Venado Tuerto, Santa Fe: Fondo Editorial Mutual Venado Tuerto, 1995). Mainly dedicated to the life and works of the Irish-Argentine Eduardo Casey, founder of Venado Tuerto city in Santa Fe, and his tragic death. It also includes stories about many Irish gauchos and first settlers in this part of the pampas. 220 pages.


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