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Irish President Mary McAleese
during her visit to Mexico, 2-7 April 1999
(Presidencia de la República de México)

> Ireland and Mexico, by Séamus Ó Fógartaigh

> Irish Mexican, Latino Irlandés: Fountains of Literary Invention, by David Vela

> Contemporary Irish Mexican Gatherings and Forays in California: The Irish Mexican Association (IMA), 1994-2007, by Patrick Goggins

> Mexico and Neocolonialism: an Irish perspective, by Tony Phillips

> Reviving the Saint Patrick's Battalion, by Dan Leahy (including The Saint Patrick's Battalion, a song by David Rovics)

> John Dynamite: The Adventures of a Filibuster, by José Antonio Quintana García

> St. Patrick’s Day in Buenos Aires: An Expression of Urban Folk Tradition, by María Inés Palleiro, Patricio Parente and Flora Delfino Kraft

> Interview: The Musical Migration of Rodrigo y Gabriela, by Claire Healy

> Poem: Saint Patrick pray, pray for all of us, pray for me, by Iván Portela

> Sources: Address by the President of Ireland Mary McAleese to the Senate of Mexico (6 April 1999), edited by Edmundo Murray

> Sources: Bernardo O’Higgins’ Plans - The Arrival of Irish Immigrants in Mexico, edited by Fabián Gaspar Bustamante Olguín

> Reviews: Books and Resources

> New in the "Dictionary of Irish Latin American Biography":

Lamport, William [Guillén Lombardo] (1610-1659), author of an early declaration of Mexican independence and self-proclaimed ‘King of New Spain’, by Ryan Dominic Crewe

O'Horan, Tomás Antonio (1776-1848), public official in Mexico and Guatemala, by Fabián G. Bustamante Olguín

Sandes, Arthur (1793-1832), commander of the Rifles Battalion in the South American wars of independence, by Moises Enrique Rodriguez

Godínez, Miguel [formerly Michael Wadding] (1591-1644), Jesuit missionary to New Spain

O'Farrill, Rómulo Antonio [Jr.] (1917-2006), media entrepreneur

O'Gorman, Edmundo (1906-1995), historian

O'Gorman, Juan (1905-1982), Mexican architect and artist

O'Higgins, Pablo (1904-1983), artist and art teacher in Mexico

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