Voices from the Camps

Mrs. Sills of San Antonio de Areco II, by Bill Meek (1987)

Mrs. Sills was 84 years-old at the time of the interview.


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00.00:00 – What language is spoken around the table, English or Spanish? – It does be a mixture, because some of my sons are married to Irish, or at least the girls that their grand-parents were Irish. They never spoke English in their life till they went to school. But if we want we can hold our conversation in English.
00.23:85 – Have you seen very many changes over the years? – Oh, yes. Been big changes. There's a whole lot of comfort in the camp what wasn't before. Now they have even got telephones out in the camp.
00.36:93 In that respect, they've gone ahead great. Everybody has their own car. They have to be very, very hard-up not to have some kind of a little car. But the most of them have, true Maggie? – Yes – Yes, most of them have their car.
00.52:17 – Whereas when you were a young girl, everyone went by horse-back? – Yes. No there was what they called breaks. They were drawn by horses. But then there was other people that used to go in bullock-carts. I never went in that kind of thing, no?
01.08:01 But that's the way the people of the country . . . they had no horses seemingly. They had for riding. They used to use them a lot for riding. But for drawing a load or anything like that it was always the bullocks and the bullock-cart.


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