Voices from the Camps

Hilda Sabato, by Bill Meek (1987)

Historian, author of Cómo fue la Inmigración Irlandesa en Argentina (Buenos Aires: Editorial Plus Ultra, 1981) with Juan Carlos Korol, and Capitalismo y ganadería en Buenos Aires: la fiebre del lanar, 1850-1880 (Buenos Aires, 1989) among other works.


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00.00:00 Most of the people who came here, they came from a better starting point in Ireland. This is something we found out talking to the Irish here but also talking to some people who studied the Irish in Ireland.
00.15:64 And they say that the people who came here were necessarily better-off in Ireland than those who went to the United States. Because it was harder to get here, it was more expensive.
00.27:03 The States, as you know, had also devices to induce emigrants to go to the States, while those who came here had to have some sort of means to be able to engage in some ... even to be able to be indebted with someone who paid the ticket.


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