Voices from the Camps

Dinner at the Hurling Club of Buenos Aires, 25 May 1987,
by Bill Meek (1987)



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00.00:00 –My grandfather came with a potato in his pocket. A potato in his pocket, right? That was all he had. That’s all he had. 
00.10:42 And he planted that potato and we made a big farm then, after that. We had ... eh ... What do you call those? Sheep, and everything. Just became a big farm.
00.23:70 –And thanks to that potato that his grandfather had in his pocket... he's here today. –I’m here today. –Without that potato...
00.30:72 –That was a potato I brought from ... eh ... from Ireland ... my grandfather brought from Ireland in the famous time we were [in] the Famine. What was it?
00.39:62 –Yes, Black ’47. –That’s it. That’s all he had, he had a potato in his pocket. And we are from that [now on] came on.
00.49:73 –The potato must have been a Golden Wonder... –A wonder! A beautiful wonder.


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