County Wexford

A sheep-farm in Kilmore, Co. Wexford.


Until the late 1880s, 15% of the Irish emigrants to Argentina were from Wexford. They came from an area 'south-east of a line from Wexford Town to Kilmore Quay' [Kirby 1992: 105].

In 1827, the Liverpool bank of Dickson & Montgomery appointed Patrick Browne (1806-1893) from Wexford, to be their representative in Buenos Aires. 'Patrick quickly realized that he would make his fortune in the salt beef business rather than as a bank manager and began his own business soon after his arrival. He sent back to Forth and Bargy for labour to work first in his salting houses, for usually about a year, and then to herd sheep on a shares basis for him. Thus emigration from Wexford began mainly from commercial contact between Wexford, Liverpool, and the River Plate' [McKenna 1994: 96].

Some of the Wexford settlers were: Kavanagh (Ballygarret), Richards and Roche (Ballymitty), Devereux, Donlon, and Tipping (Ballymore), Coghlan (Castle Annesley), Murphy (Davidstown), Kehoe and Murphy (Enniscorthy), Barry and Sinnott (Kilmore), Furlong, Howlin, MacCormack, and Murphy (Kilrane), MacLoughlin (Morristown), Brett (Rathmacknee), Cullen, Doyle, Furlong, Keating, and O'Connor (Tagmon), Lambert and Sills (Tagoat), Roche (Tullycam) [Coghlan 1987]


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