Voices from the Camps

Maria Elena Walsh, by Bill Meek (1987)

Singer, poetess, and children's songwriter.


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00.00:00 I write for children, not for the parents not for the teachers, but for the children. And I try to make toys with my songs, toys made of words, and I want to play with the language. And I think that in English or Irish tradition nursery rhymes are very rich. All songs in England, I was told when I was very little ...
00.37:78 – Your name, Walsh, you've obviously an Irish background, or partially Irish background, and has this been in any sense important to you as an artist? Or have you been aware of, is it something that you have been conscious of?
00.58:50 – I think it is important to be bred up with two languages and ... I inherited this English tradition, I think the Irish sense of humour.
01.21:68 And my mother ... I had an Spanish-Andalusian grandmother so I think Irish and Andalusian is a very good combination for poetry and for fantasy. So I'm think I'm aware of all these familiar traditions. My English is very bad, do you understand what I say?


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