Voices from the Camps

Anselmo Byrne, by Bill Meek (1987)



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00.00:00 In 1920, eh... fifteen or twenty, cattle began to prosper over the sheep. 
00.11:09 –And you remember any of those years that were particularly bad, very hard for the farmers, when [marks] fell or the crops failed?
00.18:40 –Well, 1950 was a terrible dry year, and ... este... in my time. You are asking me of my time? Sí, este, 1950 was a terrible dry year. 
00.36:00 And eh... 1959, it was a terrible... este... rainy year. It began for Christmas of ’54 and followed on raining till... este... October of ’59. 
00.57:01 And the... este... Cómo se llama la vertiente? –Springs. –The springs, the springs came up over the... the ground. The houses that had ______ floors, the water was... este... came up on the floors. 
01.23:70 And... este... everybody could hadn’t leave the camps because there was no way of getting out.


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