Voices from the Camps

Mrs. Sills of San Antonio de Areco I, by Bill Meek (1987)

Mrs. Sills was 84 years-old at the time of the interview.


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00.00:00 I lived in the camp all my life time. I was born in the camp too. And my grandparents, all, they're all camp people, they came from Ireland to establish themselves in the camp right away, as soon as they got a hold in some place. 
00.13:86 –Could you tell me what life in the camp was like when you were a girl? –Well, it’s quite quieter than what it is now. There’s more work going on. 
00.23:78 The people mostly, at least the Irish, they all went in for sheep-raising. That’s all, they didn’t go in for agriculture for... at all. They didn’t ... they didn't even favour it. 
00.35:49 And... well, they worked, they were very calm. They lived a quiet life. They had their little feast once in a while too, like everybody else, for St. Patrick’s Day, or a wedding, or a baptism, or something like that. There was always a celebration. 
00.55:04 –Was it... Would you say it was a lonely life? –No, we were accustomed to it. I guess that the young people now would go to call it lonely life. But it wasn’t... I did never felt lonely anyway.


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