The Second Symposium of Irish Studies in South America
Ireland and Latin America: Towards New Perspectives

5 - 7 September 2007, Buenos Aires (Argentina)

The Society for Irish Latin American Studies (SILAS),
The Brazilian Association of Irish Studies (ABEI),
The National University of La Pampa & The National University of San Martín - IDAES,
Academia de Historia de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires,
Ministerio “Puertas del Bicentenario,”
The Southern Cross


These organisations, with the support of the Embassy of Ireland in Buenos Aires, are committed to organising the Second Symposium of Irish Studies in South America in order to develop the network started at the First Symposium in São Paulo, Brazil, in 2006.

This second event aims at drawing together Argentinean researchers who are working in the field of Irish Studies, specialists from other Latin American countries and from various associations such as ABEI, ACIS, AEDEI, BAIS, CAIS, EFACIS, IASIL, SILAS, and the general public, to develop Irish Studies in Argentina.

The theme of the Second Symposium - 'Ireland and Latin America: Towards New Perspectives' - initiates an interdisciplinary discussion on various sub-themes of research:

- History of the Irish immigrants in Latin America

- Historiographic and critical trends in migration studies

- Literature of the diaspora

- Diaries, autobiographies and travel narratives

- Comparative Studies

- Interrelations: theatre, cinema, literature, visual arts, etc.

- Representations of Ireland in the Latin American press and of Latin America in the Irish press

- Irish-Latin American relations, etc.

The Symposium will include four plenary Lectures and three plenary Seminars on History, Multiculturalism and Migration Studies, and Literature of the Diaspora given by keynote speakers; a Round Table with Irish-Argentine writers; public readings and interviews given by Irish writers; two Forums with Professors and Senior lecturers from other universities; and papers (15-20 min.) related to the topics mentioned above. Professors Maureen Murphy (Hofstra University), Kerby Miller (University of Missouri), Michael Kenneally (Concordia University, Canada), Munira H. Mutran (University of São Paulo/ABEI) and fiction writer Colm Tóibín have confirmed their attendance.

The official languages of the Symposium are English and Spanish. Abstracts of no more than 200 words should be sent as e-mail attachments by 30 May 2007 to Maria Graciela Eliggi: symposiumsilasabei2007@yahoo.com. The number of selected papers will be limited to fifty.

Registration fee:

- Those presenting papers: $80,00 (before 31st July) or $100,00 (August-September).

 [Participants from abroad can pay the fee on the first day of the Symposium: US$ 50].

- Those not presenting papers: $50,00 or US$30 (with certificate of attendance).

- Students: no fee (without certificate) or $10,00 (with certificate of attendance).

VENUE: Universidad Nacional de San Martín - IDAES. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

For further information on the Symposium, including application form and details of accommodation, see www.freewebs.com/irishstudies or contact Prof. M.Graciela Eliggi at: symposiumsilasabei2007@yahoo.com

Departamento de Lenguas Extranjeras, Facultad de Ciencias Humanas, Universidad Nacional de La Pampa. Gil N° 353, 2º piso (6300) Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. Phone: +54 2954 45 16 60. 

Organising Committee:

Chair: Laura Izarra (University of São Paulo/ SILAS/ABEI).

Local Committee:

Liliana Barela (Instituto Histórico de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)
Pablo Cid and Florencia Bonnin Walton (The Southern Cross)
Dr. Alejandro Grimson (Universidad Nacional de San Martín - IDAES)
Guillermo MacLoughlin Bréard (SILAS)
Luis O. Cortese (U.P.E. Ministerio “Puertas del Bicentenário)
Dra. Maxine Hanon (Academia de Historia de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires)

Academic Committee:  

Chair: Dr. Hilda Sabato (Universidad de Buenos Aires/SILAS)

Prof. Maria Graciela Eliggi (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa)

            Prof. Maria Graciela Adamoli (Universidad Nacional de La Pampa)

            Prof. Juan José Delaney (Universidad del Salvador)

Dr. Laura Izarra (Universidade de São Paulo)


The Society for Irish Latin American Studies

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