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Under Irish Skies
A Journey Through the Places of Origin

By Edmundo Murray



The following photographs have been taken during a field trip to Ireland in August 2002. County Wexford and the Irish Midlands, being major places of origin of the Irish emigration to Latin America, were included as primary destinations of the journey (however Irish emigrants also went from Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Clare and others). In order to give an appropriate context to these photographs, selected texts have been added. These texts include the literary representations of well-known authors as well as of anonymous Irish-Argentine poets who published their works in El Monitor de la Campaña, a 1870-72 countryside newspaper in Capilla del Señor (Buenos Aires province, Argentina).

I am grateful to Mary Anglim from Ballyhealy, Kilmore, Co. Wexford, David Barnwell from Dublin, and members of the Longford-Westmeath Argentina Society, including among others Tom Ganly, Michael Duffy, Gabriel McGoey, James Dowler, and all friends who received me and my family with their warm hospitality and made my research easier. All of them cooperated effectively to obtain a photographic documentation of the sending areas. I am also indebted to Juan José Santos, an historian based in Buenos Aires, who generously forwarded the texts found during his research of Buenos Aires province papers.


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