The Manuscripts and Rare Books Collection
Frequently Asked Questions

What does SILAS collect?

SILAS collects items that enhance the understanding of the Irish history and culture in Latin America. Materials that are collected include, but are not limited to:
         Rare books (first or difficult to obtain editions)
         Printed material and pamphlets
         Periodicals, newspapers, newsletters, and ephemera
         Graphic materials such as photographs, maps, and posters
         Personal papers of Irish-born or related persons
         Sheet music
         Musical recordings
         Films and videos
         Oral histories

Does SILAS accept copies of relevant documents, other than the original records (photocopies, etc.)?

Only under exceptional circumstances would SILAS accept copies.

Does SILAS accept other items related to the Irish in Latin America, as tools, instruments, or clothing?

No, the Manuscripts and Rare Books collection is intended to include only paper-, sound-, or image-support archives, which may be made available in a library.

How do I donate documents to SILAS?

First please contact SILAS to describe the donation offer. The librarians may request a list that includes document descriptions or book authors and titles. SILAS will arrange for transfer of the documents to the repository library, and you will be required to sign an Agreement for Donation that transfers legal ownership of the documents to SILAS.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Book and document donations to SILAS are tax deductible in many countries, and the Agreement for Donation may be submitted for tax-deduction purposes (please consult a tax expert). However library staff members will not be able to provide values for donated items.

Can I loan to SILAS my documents instead of donating them?

You can deposit your documents with SILAS on long-term loan. In this case you will continue to own the loaned records.

Will I have access to my donated or loaned documents once they are in the library?

Yes, you can consult them subject to the terms and conditions of donation or deposit.

Terms for Donation Agreement for Donation Terms for Deposit Agreement for Deposit

Last Update: July 2005


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